Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers a simple piece of resume and interview advice that make you stand out.
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I want to talk with you today about marketing yourself and to think of yourself from the employer's perspective. That is, whether you're talking about your resume or from a job interviewing prospective.

Often, when people go on interviews, often when they send out resumes, they are all skill focused,

I have done this.
I have done that.
I have experience with this.
I have experience with that.

All the resumes look the same.

The trick to making your resume stand out is really very simple.

1 of you done to help an organization make money or save money and how much? That's really what's going to differentiate you from the average individual. Haven't you help them make money? How to help them save money? Quantified with numbers.

I learned this idea from Internet marketing people. After all, but we see all those "blasts" that Internet marketing people do, they all say, "Joe Blow made $50,000 with my great product!" "So and So has become a millionaire from buying my information product!"

There is no real difference. We are all kind of curious , but with time I came to realize the job hunters have the same opportunity to sell their successes and how they have affected an organization as information product people do.

When you interview, when you craft your resume, don't just simply talk about what you've done. Talk about the impact on an organization. Have you help them make more money? How have you help them save money?

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