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People are so caught up in their day to day that they are caught up in a rut.

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For a lot of folks, they're used to playing small, they've gotten into habits, habits that they haven't really thought about in the longest time. Frankly, I'm going to use slang here. They've grown "fat, dumb and happy," lazy, methodical, unthinking. People get so caught up in their day to day that they forget to actually think about "what can I do differently?" Is it any wonder why we wind up in a rut? I use "rut" in a way that has a connotation, has a way of just letting people down, letting yourself down.
Then, one day you wake up, you ask yourself, is that all there is? Isn't there really more to my life, than just getting up, going to work, work I don't particularly enjoy anymore. I do it because it pays me well, come home and, like Cosmo Kramer, "Hi, how was your day, dear?"
"Fine. How was your day, dear?"
And you go on and on, and grow frustrated with life, especially as you sit in front of the TV, or watch Netflix, or what have you. It becomes a pretty dull existence.
You know, you could change "the work stuff" that occupies a lot of your day. You could change by looking at things that are close to what you're doing, but a little bit different. Close but not the same.
So, for example, when I look at myself in my own career, I started off professionally as an executive recruiter. I did that for a long time. I started to get involved with becoming a therapist. Why? Help people do it differently than I would in search. Then, I decided not the practice, got married, had a child, that sort of thing. Practiced for a little while, but not full time. Now, I've gone into coaching which is close, but different.
Functionally different. It helps people in a different way than my other career would be. It takes advantage of my Masters in Social Work. It takes advantage of experiences I had in the Mankind Project where I helped to lead weekends, where my experience in working with groups and working with individuals, plus my knowledge of career coaching, can be transitioned in different ways that I really enjoy.
As we approach this next recession (and I want to be clear, I'm not being making a political statement here. I'm just simply saying, you know, there's going to be another recession at some point. It doesn't matter who's elected president we're going to have one), you can use that "proximate skill," that near skill to kind of transition yourself into something else, if you start thinking about it now.
So, just take a minute and encourage you. There were things that you're doing now that have value, that are part of your job description. So, if you do General Accounting, you can do tax; you'll learn tax pretty easily if that interests you. The idea is to do something that has some meaning for you because what's the point of doing stuff that's going to turn into drudgery, right? Why would you want to do that anymore?
Look at the things that you have some juice for, for which the world actually pays some money. For example, I don't want you to go out and hand out leaflets on street corners in New York City. . . Unless that's something you have a lot of joy in doing and you feel like you can make money at it. because I don't want you to become destitute.
I do want you to think in terms of what would you enjoy that the world will pay for that's similar, but different to what you're doing now.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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