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EP 75 A recent evening and a special moment and reminder that we can listen with more than our heads.

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Hi, this is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you are listening to The
No BS Coaching Advice Podcast. I like to do this show regularly as a reminder
about . . . I'm like talking about life, the universe and everything and try and help you
be more effective in it. And today's show comes . . . I'm reminded of it from a group
that I ran this week where there was a man in the group who was talking about a
tragedy in his life that he'd experienced the year before and, as I was
listening to him talk, I realizing that he'd never really grieved for his loss. I
was invited to step into the process of working with him, stood up in front of
him as he was talking and just simply said, "can I touch you and he said "yes" and
I extended my arms around him and held him in my arms for a minute and simply
said this is a safe place for you to take one minute and open up to what
you've been carrying for this past year.. It took him a little bit but I felt
him sobbing on my shoulders, and later on when someone asked me what gave
me that insight, I said "you know I was listening to him with my heart and my
own life experience involved the loss of my second wife to addictions and I told
him that as we were beginning the process. I told them about my difficulty
myself in doing this. So I listened with my heart to what I was being told
and the result wound up being that I helped him open up to something that was
painful he was carrying that he wanted to release." Folks, the reminder for you today
is about listening not just with your head to what's being said to you but
listening with your heart to what isn't said but that you know is being inferred
by what's being said. Notice, notice, notice, check it out and you'll connect
with people at a much deeper level. So, I hope you found this helpful and if you
did and you're interested in my coaching you, reach out to me first through LinkedIn
at LinkedIn com/in/TheBigGameHunter. Mention that you listen to this
because I just like knowing that folks are listening to the show. And once we're
connected send me a message about coaching; we'll schedule a short
conversation so I can understand where you'd like some support. I look forward
to helping you. Hope you have a great day take care.
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