Let’s Get Boolean

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman, The Big Game  Hunter explains a Boolean search string that will help you connect with people at companies if you have a small LinkedIn network.

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Let’s talk about how to find people to submit your resume to and network with. If you have a small LinkedIn network.

If you have a small network, it’s hard to have 1st and 2nd level connections to network with and to find the hiring managers and organizations you want to submit your resume to.  There is a workaround to it. It’s not on LinkedIn. You may have heard of the site before. It’s called… Google.Lead | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

What you do is a Google site search.  You enter

site:www.LinkedIn.com then enter the name of the organization you want to connect into and then the titleof the individual that you want to reach out to.

Let’s say you’re trying to apply for an engineering position and your network is small and you want to find the head of engineering for that organization.

Site: www.LinkedIn.com (United Technologies) (title of the person you want to connect with)

after that, to eliminate a lot of the extraneous stuff, you put –profile to eliminate some of the nonsense profiles that show up through the search.

What you will get are people who are in that job title who would be hiring managers at that organization.

Let’s say you want to find the CIO of a firm I’m going to make up a name and if by some chance it is the actual name of an organization. It is unintentional. I’m not trying to overwhelm them.

Site: www.LinkedIn.com (Goofy Drawers) you don’t need to put a single word (; just multiple words.  Next to it. You put the title CIO -profile

Thus you be able to find a person in an organization.

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