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So much of your life may be about being pushed to achieve or succeed. But there is a time to say, “No.” This video includes a story from the Chairman of Blackrock, Steve Schwarzman about a conversation with his father.


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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career coach who works with people and organizations, helping them be more effective. Thehelp can be with hiring, a job search, managing and leading, overall being more effective in the workplace.

I was listening to an interview with Steve Schwarzman, who's president of BlackRock. He's out promoting his book. I'm not here to promote his book. He was telling a wonderful story about a conversation that he had with his father.

His father operated a retail chain, or a retail store in Pennsylvania. I don't know that he mentioned where but it definitely didn't mention the name of the store. But it was kind of like a Bed Bath and Beyond before Bed, Bath and Beyond. Popular store, always full, made a lot of money.

And Schwartzman talks to his father about, you know, why don't you consider taking this national? And basically his father pats, him on the head verbally. "I don't think so." And then he says, "Well, at least you can open a couple of stores in Pennsylvania."

"Don't think so."

And Schwartzman doesn't understand this because his father is a successful guy and, you know, a smart guy. But, you know, he just doesn't understand why his father doesn't want to pursue expansion and growing his stores into something significantly bigger.

And he asked his father, "you know, like I could see you having multiple stores in the area in Pennsylvania, I can see this is National. Why don't you do it? You know, you can make a lot of money."

And his father responded back and said, "I don't have the need to do it."

So often, people get pushed to do things that they really don't have the need to do or the desire to do and thus, their performance suffers. It's almost as though they go into it with their heels dug in, to prove that this is something that they don't want to do, and they're going to fail at.

If that's going to be you just simply say, "I don't have the need to do it," because otherwise, you're doomed to a certain type of mediocrity or failure that's completely unnecessary for you to step into.

Male or female, doesn't matter what gender it is. Young or old. Doesn't matter what your age is. If you don't have the need to do it, if you don't have the desire to do it, don't step into something that you don't want to do. Seriously. Don't step into something that you don't want to do.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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