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Knowing When to Fold’em |

Knowing When to Fold’em |

If you are someone who is struggling in their job search, if you are someone who has been out of work for a while, this video will help you.


Maybe it is been 6 or 8 months that you have been looking for work. Maybe you start interviewing quickly and had a lot of interviews and nothing is really clicking for you. Maybe, at the end of the day, you're trying and you just don't have the right experience for what firms look for. Maybe you not as good as you thought you were.

Here are your choices.
1. Try harder. I don't really think that's the right thing. I think you need to learn the kind of things you need to in order to be marketable or
2. Do something else.

That's often a hard thing for people to hear. But sometimes, the right choice is to do something completely different. I'm not talking about job search tactics; I'm talking about a new career.

There are plenty of jobs out there that are going unanswered. There are plenty of opportunities where firms are willing to take someone, certainly in manufacturing engineering, certainly in North Dakota were drilling is been going on., Certainly in the trades where jobs are going unfilled because we've all been telling college kids, "Go to school. Get an education." They come out with a degree with a degree in philosophy which allows them to be a university professor. There are limits in that. The certain times of the year where universities hire. A certain number of people who are going to be higher and, if you are an adjunct, and you don't get invited on, you are doomed in many respects.

Maybe you're an accountant who has been out of work for 8 months and doors are being knocked down for you. Maybe you work in Wall Street operations oriented programming or in a management position and something just isn't working for you.

I can work with you to try to determine what the problems are. Yes, I do coaching. Yes, I take phone calls. 1 of the other things that I do is I tell people when it is time to fold them.

Sometimes, that's the smartest decision that you can make instead of keeping on hitting your head against the wall and feeling like a failure is to do something completely different.


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