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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Most people find job hunting difficult because they think they know what they’re doing, but don’t. Here are several things you can do to keep morale up and start getting the results you want.

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Job Search frustration is a common lament of people. You do a lot of stuff, you don’t get results, you get frustrated. And that’s true whether you’re working currently or not working, makes no difference. Job search can be a frustrating process. What should you do?

First thing is, and this is a hard one, even though it sounds easy, is to try to stay positive. No one wants to hire someone who sounds depressed. No one wants to hire someone who seems desperate. You have to do things to keep your self-worth so that you believe that you can get a job, even though there’s current information to the contrary. So try to stay positive.

Second thing is, as you’re doing things, don’t just work continuously for hours. Take breaks. It can be an exhausting process if you’re looking through job listings or submitting applications, or going through multiple rounds of interviews. And then you’re feeling discouraged because no one’s hiring you.

Also try narrowing your job search a little bit. Instead of doing a shotgun approach, a broad approach, try narrow focusing your searches to things that are more targeted for what you’re doing.

Expand your network. Now, networking fills most of the positions yet most people spend time applying for jobs. One way to expand your network on LinkedIn is connecting with recruiters there, because recruiters often have bigger networks than individuals do. Once you have that connection, yes, you can apply for jobs with that recruiter. But more importantly, you can reach out to their contacts without it costing you a LinkedIn connection request. Again, think of it from the standpoint of you want to contact people in organizations that you want to work for, for which you might be qualified to do work, and thus have someone introduce you.

If you’re applying, try to apply early and quickly because the longer you wait to apply, the more other people have applied ahead of you and they stop paying attention to later submissions. Applying in the first few days is far better than applying two weeks after the job was posted and certainly far better than applying a month after it was posted.

And if you’re not getting results, when you’re applying, it’s time to refresh your resume and do tweaks to it when you apply. And let me explain the tweaks thing. Tweaks is customizing your resume for an individual position. And thus, most people forget that. If all you’re doing is sending out one version of your resume, it’s like the broken watch that’s right twice a day–it’ll work sometimes, but most of the time it won’t, right? It’s gonna give you the right time, twice a day and the rest of the time it fails, you customize your resume.

In terms of refreshing your resume or doing a rewrite, maybe your generic resume isn’t getting results for you. And thus you need someone to take a look at it and make recommendations for how to make it better. I happen to critique them. You can go to my website, There’s an area that refers to that. Or you can just go to, and hire me to do a resume critique for you.

I’ll simply say your attitude is a big part of what’s going to make you successful in your job search. If you seem down and depressed, if you don’t do things to change things up, you’ll keep getting the same results. I’ll also say that at my website, there’s a lot of great information that will help you in the blog– 12,000 posts. They’re all searchable. Pick a topic, pick a category. Find out what you need to know so you can get better and perform at a higher level throughout the process.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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  1. Marshal

    If you are renegotiating something, expect to say all the things you want changed, I.e the negatives to be removed, and the things you want. The position, power, perks, and assests you had to be returned. Also Expect them make changes too, extra work, things you need to change, or areas where you need to improve. One thing you should never ever do is go back to what was… remember you left for a reason…I.e. the negative stuff.

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