Do you really deserve that opportunity that you want? How do you know? How are you being evaluated? Do you know?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally in a variety of different ways. And I want to talk with those of you who, like many of the people I coach, believes they've earned the right for the next step.

Maybe they have, maybe they haven't. And what often happens is that belief that you deserve something from your current employer gets in your way. Nothing's owed to you. I want to repeat that. Nothing is owed to you and if you are not appreciated, you shouldn't stay. Now, perhaps another firm will give that thing to you that you want-- that promotion, that opportunity, that other set of circumstances-- but nothing is owed to you. You may think you deserve it, but your current employer may not believe so.

Start by finding out how they're evaluating you. And whether you legitimately deserve it. Maybe you think you do, maybe they measure you by a different manner.

I remember someone I work with some years ago was doing some very good work for their firm but they got distracted with regularity. It pulled them away from what they really wanted them to focus on, with the result being that, frankly, he was spending 50% of his time Yeah, 40% of his time doing something that they really didn't care about us in their mind. He didn't deserve it.

For you, I don't know what your conditions are. I just want to remind you, nothing is owed to you. And you may think you deserve it. But you may be operating with a different set of criterias than your manager does, his or her boss does, etc. Find out and then, from there, make a decision about whether to stay and redouble your efforts in the ways that are being specified or go elsewhere.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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