I’m Starting Monday and Have an Interview With the Same Company! | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2150: This is a fun situation. A person accepted an offer from a company and now has an interview for a preferred job with the same company!

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I’m Starting Monday and Have an Interview With the Same Company! | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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this is no bs job search advice radio
2250 i'm jeff altman of a game higher
no bs job search advice radio next month
is celebrating its 11th anniversary
which is amazing to me if you ever heard
episode one
i am a huge stiff on that show maybe
i'll play that on the anniversary date
but no matter
today's show is one where someone has
accepted an offer and is starting
shortly with a firm
and now has an offer for a different job
with the same firm or has an interview
for a different job with the same firm
and wants to know what to do hope you
find this one interesting hope you don't
have to have this problem come up for
you but i explain the scenario in more
detail with the show and we'll be back
in just one moment
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starting with the company on monday
and now interviewing with the same
organization for a different position
what do i
do and you know what it is it's the
difference between working for a local
and the national company
it's the same company but one's local
and one's at headquarters
so instead of getting passed over by
they're still interviewing and they
really prefer working for national
they've been offered a position
but now that they have to interview with
the national company
so what do they do
unless this is a franchise
and let's say it's mcdonald's local and
mcdonald's corporate
i've no reason to think it is but i'm
just using an example if this is a
franchise operation you're working for a
local franchisee
no issue whatsoever you don't have to
raise the subject
but let's say it's a bank
just for the sake of argument and you're
working at a branch versus working at
headquarters it's different
so what i would say is with your
interview coming up
you know i would first try and
accelerate this thing and simply say you
know i've got another offer
and i've accepted it from your
organization working at the branch level
working at the local affiliate
but i really prefer working in corporate
so i want to continue interviewing and
not get closed off but i want to give
you the courtesy of letting you know
now they may say we have to let the
local affiliate know
and that brings up another problem for
whether or not you're prepared to lose
the job locally
to get to have the chance to get the job
at headquarters
talk it through with them
do not hesitate to do that especially
since you're talking about starting the
following monday uh
you know lay the cards open and let and
listen to what they have to say
and then make your choice because for
now you know there's a risk a
and if you pretend
that you don't have this other offer
they're going to find that anyway
because you're in the database you're in
the hr system you know they have you
started on monday they've got you know
paperwork for onboarding already
completed for you so
deal the cards openly and let them know
what's going on
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
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tomorrow with more and in the meantime i
hope you have a great day
be great


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