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EP 1698 When I look on LinkedIn, I see two ways of listing it. There is one best way.

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I received a question from someone. I have seen this scenario many times and I see people approach it differently. Let me to give my take on it. Should I list each individual position on LinkedIn as a new job or should I treat each position as part of the same job?

So, for example, I started off as a business analyst for this company; that's one job. I got promoted to a role as senior business analyst; that's another job. I'm now VP; that's a third job. Is that the way I should do it or should all be within one job?

I’ve seen it done both ways and I think the best way to do it is all as part of 1 job. So, for example, LinkedIn will ask you what your current title is for your employment and you put the most recent title. Let’s say, in the case I just gave it was vice president. The title should always reflect the LinkedIn data dictionary. It should not say “Vice President of some crazy department title or something unusual. LinkedIn is going to offer you a selection as you start populating the field. Take their selection because that will help searches to find you (remember, they are selling the ability to search the database and you want to be contacted by people.

So, you take the title that is offered, (which, in this case would probably be “vice president” as the title of the role) and then underneath that, you put the description of your role and responsibilities. Underneath that, you skip a line and you put the previous title, dates off to the side and responsibilities and whatever else you write about. Same thing with the initial position. Dates off to the side.

The reason for this I think is better is that people scan the 1st screen on LinkedIn and they see as much as the most recent position. The problem becomes when you have I opted for 3 separate jobs well. They don’t see that you were with the same firm the previous 6 years. They just see the current dates which look like a couple of months. You are so I don't get the full texture of your association with the firm.

So very simply, you want to take advantage of the preference that firms have for people who are have a stable job history by just having the current title there and within the body and listing your previous files.


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