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EP 1590 “I don’t know what to say in order to get the job” is a common lament many job hunters have.  Here, I explain what you should be doing.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for I do career coaching with people around the world to help them be more effective in their job search and to help them become more effective in their careers, as well.

I thought I would do a video today and talk about the missing ingredient in way too many final interviews. I want to preface this all by saying the work that I didn't executive search for so many years (I spent a lot of time talking to HR managers, to hiring managers, 2 people in all parts of the hiring process About what many someone successful and where they tend to fail).

Most the time, people don't fail because of lack of competence. Of course, some do but there were a lot of people who don't and, thus, they are brought back for a 2nd interview. The 3rd, a 4th...It goes on and on and on because firms are looking for something to hang their hat on. What is it that's missing is the ability to connect with you as a person.

You see, there's been a lot of propaganda that is going on for years about how people should be "professional." I will put your quotes around the word professional because most of the successful people I know are human beings who happen to particular types of work, and are in particular types of businesses. They lead organizations and their personalities what inspires people to do great things. That ability to inspire and lead is the difference between being a manager and being a leader.

When firms hire, they want to get a sense of the human being that the going to be living with day in and day out for the next number of years. If you are just going to be another drone or another timid individual or someone who's flat, there is nothing to connect with. Firms like to have that connection. Hiring managers will have that connection. Because they have stress just like you do they want to have some fun from time to time. It is not likely to be laughing and joking like your bar or something or a restaurant having dinner. The fact of the matter is if you or someone who is joined an organization, your smile is a big part of what makes them confident in you, right? If you look at me now, you worry about my knowledge base? Part of it is my personality.

I was talking to someone last night who have been coaching in 1 of the things I said to her was, "I know you care for me and I don't want you to meet me. I want to be the best YOU that you can be and let that come through. I want you to go out there and risk everything by reviewing your personality, the lighthearted spirit that you have and let them see that. If they don't like it, it's better that you not work there then to hide that and be miserable.

So many folks hide behind the veneer of professionalism and then you want to careers where they manage people. They are dull. They get on the train every night or get in the car for the trip home and on and on and on… It becomes brutal. There is no life to them anymore because the work is beaten out of them.

Let your personality come through. Let them see how you delight in things. Let them see the life within you and you will stand out from all the others and give them something to work with. Again, I'm not suggesting that you treat them like you are a bar or the restaurant having fun with them. Just let your personality out. If they don't like it, that is fine. You don't belong working there.

I'm Jeff Altman. I hope you found this helpful. My website is If you're interested my critiquing your resume and/or LinkedIn profile, iif you would like me to prepare you for interviews, help you with the salary negotiation or just have questions for me, there were tabs at the top of the page where you can schedule time and have me work with you.

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I hope you find this helpful and hope you have a great day.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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