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Do you have an H-1b visa? This is what some of you do that gives a recruiter a rough time.

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I'm doing a short series about how to be up a recruiter. How to basically grind them down and where them out on your side. This one is specifically geared toward people with an H-1B visa . . . You know, people who are foreign nationals, legal right to work in the United States, no problem with that, but there's some things that you do that just drive recruiters crazy. Here are couple of examples period

The ad says that there no Visa transfers. You apply anyway. How do you think that's going to work? The client is unwilling to transfer a visa. What makes you think they are suddenly going to look at your resume and go, “OH! OH! OH! This person would be perfect! We are going to change corporate policy and agreed to transfer a visa.” It doesn't happen, does it? Do you know anyone that has ever happened to you? No. So, why are you doing it?

Another thing you do is send out your resume, it has a name and a phone number on it an email address. Where are you? The job ad indicates that the client is unwilling to relocate someone and we are supposed to figure out, based upon the name and phone number where you are. Because, even when you put your mobile number on there, you moved two or three times. You may not be anywhere near that place or you may be . . . We just have no way of knowing. I know you may be concerned about identity theft but city, state and ZIP Code on it, okay?

Then, there's a second reason for that. If you put city, state and ZIP Code on it and have uploaded a resume into a system, we can find you in the future when we do have something where there is a visa transfer. Without ZIP Code, where are you? Everyone is searching by the skills and are searching by proximity to the employer. Since most firms don't pay for relocation. So, with that, put your city, state and ZIP Code on so that, in this way, we can find you in the system. Because, ultimately what is starting to happen is you are spamming relentlessly. You're nothing but a Viagra ad are a Cialis add or someone trying to sell lottery tickets or nonsense.

I can't give you the courtesy of a phone call because I yet so many of these. Every day, there are so many in my inbox I have to set up signature files and reply, “what is your ZIP Code? Where are you as well as a series of other questions. Do you think I can call everyone, leave a message, have you get back to me and waste my time that way, too. So, bizarre of all things! Then, I write to you and you never respond back. All I’m doing is asking a couple of simple questions from a time management standpoint, but suddenly you go, “but why doesn’t he call me? I deserve a phone call!” It doesn't work that way, does it?

So I'm just asking you, instead of hurting so many people with your m, just follow the instructions in the job ad that you are applying to. If it says, “no third parties that are involved,” don't send a resume that says, “for more information on Corp to Corp work, contact my agent.” Why? Why are you doing this?

If the ad says, “no visa transfers,” don't apply. If the ad says, “no relocation,” give us an idea where you are because, I can’t tell you, I get so many resumes of different people who are away from the geography, you never look and then, you go, “Oh, well. Will they do remote work?”


They won’t do remote work!

So, don't be an idiot. Don't be cruel. Don't be an a**hole! Just make it clear. Where are you? Only apply to jobs that you fit. Follow the instructions in the ad.

So, I hate being blunt like this but I’ve just spent days like this recently, responding back to people and it hurts. You may not give a sh*t, I do. I’ve got a family, just like you do. So, be careful, okay?


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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