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Referring to an article from Harvard business review that offers pretty standard ways to get ahead that smack of the 19th century, I point out a better approach for our times.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a career coach, a leadership coach
the head coach for, and
I do video from time to time, and I write articles
about different things related to the workplace. And one of the things i
decided to do is a quick article about how to get ahead at work, how to
get ahead in your career which, unfortunately, are really two different
things. You know I was stumbled into an article
on at Harvard Business School's website called "how to get ahead at work " and the
answers offered in the article are so 19th century.
It is very funny to me. Be a model employee.
Solve problems. Don't just identify them.. Respect your boss'
time . . . however, however! By the way, ask them for advice, speak up,
project confidence, make your boss look good, serve as a vault so you're not
a gossip and don't be a squeaky wheel.. This is
among the advice that they offer.. That is like really 19th-century advice!
and I've got to tell you, this really bothers me because there's no real guide
post for people to think in terms of getting ahead,
especially during a time where the person who gets ahead
isn't always the one who works the hardest or are the smartest.
Great qualities to have but it's not how people get ahead.
People get ahead by being alert to opportunities.
Sometimes, they're internal. More often than not they're external.
Thus, this old-fashioned advice doesn't really
serve. I do believe it's appropriate to work hard
but it's also appropriate to work smart and to make sure that people
know that you're doing this. After all, the person who keeps their head down
and does a good job does nothing to distinguish themselves
and, if anything, falls further and further behind
the people who are in the know, who are in the club,
who are out there promoting themselves.. So, I want to remind you of a couple of
things that you need to do to get ahead and that is network your brains out.
Make sure that people internally and externally know about
what you do and how well you do it. Volunteer for stuff that
no one really likes. That could be with a non-profit or
another organization. It could be within your own firm. But volunteer to do stuff.
Keep learning. Don't expect them to pay for it. Try and get them to pay for it
but keep learning. Join professional associations because those become better
places to network. Become active on social media.
Become a podcast guest. A speaker.. Right for places like LinkedIn and find
out ways that you can get additional experience by maybe doing freelance work
on the side which is non-volunteer-paid for work that
someone is going to compensate you for that helps you get in deeper
with the areas that you want to be involved with.
Like i said people get ahead, not by keeping their head down and working hard
and focusing on their desk. They get ahead by being alert to opportunities
and doing these additional things helps you make opportunities for
yourself, have them come to you because remember that
you know if your job hunting people make the mistake of doing no
networking and then they have to recreate a network
and all this other sort of stuff that can happen.
Naturally, if you foster relationships with
your friends who are in other organizations,
with family who are in other organizations, with other businesses
you do things to promote yourself so that when people
leave your firm, they think favorably and maybe want to take you with them.
Remember, keeping your head down your nose to the grindstone isn't going
to work, not anymore. I hope you found this
helpful. I'm Jeff Altman. My website is.
that has all my content including thousands of job hunting posts.
If you want to exclude that, go to
At both sites, you can schedule time for a quick
discovery call or schedule time for coaching. I'd love to help you
And if you check the show notes, you'll see that there's a link where if you
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do a video for you to answer your question. Hope you have a
terrific day and be great! Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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