How to Attract New Employees In 2022

As any business owner will tell you, employee retention is crucial to survival. In this day and age, employee standards have gone up. The COVID-19 pandemic radicalized the way we view work, for employees young and old. Jobs used to offer lower wages, longer hours, and little-to-no employee benefits. People are no longer interested in doing more work than what they feel they should be paid for. Once one company reveals an enticing employee-retention package, other businesses will need to step up to the plate to stay in the game. This article will offer you some tips on how to bring more employees into your business, and what will keep them loyal to you!

Your new goal as an employer is to better serve your employees so they can efficiently help your business. It’s a trickle-down effect. 


Work/Life Balance 

Employees are looking to have that flexibility when they need it. Young people entering the workforce understand that there is more to life than just working, and they want to maximize their balance between work and play. Offering flexibility is one-way employers can connect with them to show they actually care and are listening. 


  • Consider offering a hybrid option for employees; working from home some days, and coming into the office other days. This allows employees to feel they have more control and say over their time. 
  • See if your business can afford to offer hybrid work options. Going fully remote is an option as well, and cuts out the cost of renting office space as well as personal commuting. 
  • Allows people to have flexibility so they can be the best version of themselves. More time for self-care, can take a half day and work from home the second half if you’re not feeling well. 
  • Aim to build a human relationship with your employees, even if you work remotely. This boosts employee retention, and morale, and harnesses security. 

Insurance & Wellness

  • If another business is offering employees something valuable that you are not, the employee is going to go right to the competitor. It’s as simple as that. “The Big Game Hunter’s” conversation with Mike Thomson highlights this concept as he states, “And it’s more one of equal balance where the candidates are interviewing the employers as much as the employers are interviewing the candidates.” 
  • Whether your candidate is new to the market, freshly fired, laid off, or looking for a new job to excite and challenge, you must have benefits that appeal to all. Having good benefits for employees is a huge incentive to not only apply for the job but to stick around! 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created a different work environment. More emphasis on personal care, and putting your mental health first. 
  • Offer mental health counseling options, telehealth, insurance for therapy, free yoga sessions within the company, and mental health days on the calendar for all employees. 
  • Offer competitive insurance packages for homeowners, accidents, or pets.


Additional Benefits

  • Acts as motivation for employees and applicants and will push your business above others in means of offering employee support. 
  • Increases productivity, and engagement. Keeps management and regular employees connected. 
  • Most importantly shows the company cares about its employee’s well-being and has them at the forefront of their mind.
  • Options such as reimbursement for college courses, professional development classes, paid sabbatical, home loan assistance, health savings accounts, and flexible spending accounts for out-of-pocket expenses. 


Forms of employee compensation: 

  • Paid holidays, plans for retirement savings, commission off of sales or deals
  • Company vehicles, equipment like laptops or cellphones, bonuses, relocation benefits.
  • Even gift cards, raffles, free things, food truck events, lunch on the house for the company, free coffee/bagels, or appreciation days/weeks can increase employee satisfaction. 
  • Set the tone for the company and emphasize breaks: encourage employees to use their PTO up! 

Financial Literacy Resources

  • “The workplace is changing, and so are employee goals. The days of sticking with one company for life are over. People are choosing experience over money today.” 
    • Having financial resources available to your employees will keep them where they are instead of looking to other businesses to fill that gap. 
    • Help employees understand how to manage their finances, save properly, and not have to stress paycheck-to-paycheck; having these resources makes the employee feel more confident and competent to manage their own finances. Also puts trust back into the company since the company clearly has employees’ best interests at heart.
  • Set up your employee’s success right with online learning opportunities such as LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Duolingo, or Skillsoft. They can add these qualifications to their resume and continue building their skillset. 
  • Help employees solidify their resumes, offer courses on technology, and add a section to “demonstrate your digital competence.” This will ensure you’re up-to-date with all other candidates. 
  • Only 1 in 5 employees strongly agree that their employer does a good job at educating them on financial planning and how to achieve their financial goals.” You can change this by offering financial literacy classes through the company or bringing in a finance coach/counselor to educate your employees.

To be financially competent, it is important for your employees to learn:

  • How to calculate how much I can afford to pay for a house, how much to set aside, how early to start, and how to budget while saving for a home or apartment. 
  • Learn how to divide up their funds for major (and minor) life goals.
  • Plan ahead for buying a home, downsizing, becoming a landlord, saving for a college fund, expanding your family, saving for retirement, or taking a trip to Disney. 
  • Learn how to consolidate debt and pay it off while saving for your future goals. 


Putting money, time, and effort into your employees will pay off in the long run! It will help you be more efficient, and productive, and find your workflow. These things can be hard to achieve, especially if you are new to remote work or seeing changes in your needs within the past few years. Making your employees feel respected and cared about is the biggest asset to retaining them and growing your business. 



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