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Like many questions I am asked, the answer starts off with, “It depends.” When I answer this I walk you through different alternatives.

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Hi! I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you are watching or listening to Job Search Radio.

I spend time several days a week talking with you about some element of job search because I believe job hunting doesn't have to be hard, difficult, painful or take as long as it does.

And today, I want to answer a question from someone. . It's one of those classic situations for the in-person interview. You go to the interview you are invited to have a seat and it feels like you were forgotten about. How long should you wait, how long should you put up with the rude treatment of being kept waiting? Great question! And I want to start off with the history of these situations which dealt with . . . Well, I have been in search for more than 40 years before moving into coaching

I remember waiting for someone with whom I had an appointment to be sitting there for half hour board of my gourd because there was nothing to do. I would sit there, they would have the annual reports (like you can read the financials of this thing. I'm not an accountant and you have since learned, of course, how bogus these things are) so what is the point of reading it.

They might have a newspaper or I might've brought one with me but I've already gone through it on the subway ride and “the wait.” How much longer am I supposed to put up with this?

Well, things have changed a little bit and I am not saying to tolerate being abused but, let's say, 10 to 15 minutes has gone by and you had a 1 o'clock appointment. It's 1:15 and you've got something behind this. Maybe there is another appointment scheduled, you have someplace to be and you can politely walk over to the reception ( if that's the scenario that you are in) and simply say, “I had a 1 o'clock it's 1: 15 I have an appointment behind this. Can I get a sense of how long this is going to be before I'll actually have the chance to speak with so and so?”

“No I don't. Let me check.”

Once they come back out and they tell you how long it is, you have got a decision to make. If you're out of work, well, sit there and tough it out because if you don't have something behind this, well, if let me start off with, if you do have something behind this then the choice as to whether then just want to reschedule because you got another appointment just can't sit there forever. If you don't have something, you don't tell them that you’ve got something behind this; don't like to them about it. Very simply say, “It's about 1:15; I had a 1 o'clock.. Do you have an idea of how much longer this is going to be?”

After, whatever the answer is, go back to your phone and answer emails, hang out on whatever sites you like to, keep yourself mentally engaged because the real thing in the waiting game was about the mental engagement. It is hard to perform at a higher level on an interview. When you have nothing to you and are just bored out your gourd.

You're sitting there for half hour, in the last 15 minutes, looking out the window, him and staring at the traffic and you certainly don't use it is like you should. You are mentally distracted.

If you're going to wait, stay mentally engaged but not so focused on your phone or your iPad or whatever you are staring at that you don't pay attention when someone comes into greet you.

You always want you to be ready. That is, as soon as you see them coming in, you are flipping your buds out, you're going right into interview mode and there's no delay, no hesitation.

If you can't do that, reschedule. If you can do that, hang out there for a little bit longer and then politely asked to be rescheduled.

I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Hope you found this helpful. If you did, I hope you give the show 5 stars in iTunes and Stitcher, YouTube … wherever you're watching or listening to this. And, if we are not connected on LinkedIn send a connection request to me at Mention that you listen to the show because I love hearing from folks who are watching and being helped by the show.

I also want to mention . . . And This is something new on Facebook.. I use to direct people to send me an email if they had a question, but on Facebook if you want to send me a message through Messenger or through my page which is No BS Coaching Advice.

I may not get to it right away but you can send me a question that you have about your job search, about hiring, about some element of life, the universe and everything. I would be happy to help.

Hope you have a great day. Take care


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