How Do You Measure Your Impact at Work in Your Resume?

How Do You Measure Your Impact at Work in Your Resume?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter


Someone wrote, “communicate it effectively to your current or potential employers. You can use different formats and channels to showcase your impact, such as resumes, cover letters, interviews, presentations, or social media. You should tailor your message to your audience, highlighting your achievements and value proposition. You should also use numbers, facts, and stories to illustrate your impact, and avoid vague or generic statements. For example, instead of saying “I managed a team of five people”, you can say “I led a team of five people to deliver a successful project that increased sales by 15%”.

Measuring your impact at work can help you advance your career, increase your confidence, and attract new opportunities. By following these strategies, you can quantify and communicate your impact, regardless of your role or industry.”


I commented, “Business speaks the language of money–money generated as a result of your work, money saved as a result of your work, or a percentage above the mean that exists for a role. For example, “I handle 13% more calls than the average of all call center people at our firm. Using numbers demonstrates impact. HOWEVER, if you are in a role where you would be revealing something proprietary, stick with percentages. If asked politely say, “We haven’t released the actual numbers publicly yet so it would not be appropriate for me to share them. I’m sure you wouldn’t want one of your employees blabbing something like that in an interview.”



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