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I don’t want to give the typical answer that tells you that you should network your way to a hiring manager. Here, I actually answer the question.

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Today I received the question from someone… How do I find a third party recruiter who has a relationship with a particular company?"

Great question! I'm not going to give you the typical answer. "Why are you going to contact the recruiter? Why don't you networking to the company to find and apply for the job yourself?"

1 of the reasons NOT to network is that involves time . . .Time and you may not have, particularly if you are working now. I understand that many of you are afraid to network, even though it is the better way AND when you know there was an opening, speed is of the essence and you want to find the recruiter who may be representing that job. How do you find?

I don't know the level that you are at so understand that my answer would be difficult if you are in the C suite. I'm going to work with the assumption that this is a person who is not at a C level position. I'm going to work with the assumption that this is the staff level individual who may not even be in the United States. The answer that I'm going to offer will be appropriate whether you are in the United States or elsewhere.

What you can do 1st of all is the want to LinkedIn and look at the company page as you scroll down, you will see people that you are connected with who are following that company. Some of them may be recruiters or, if they are not recruiters, you can click on the link of the person you are connected with who's following this company or is employed by this firm and see if they are connected with particular recruiters. This doesn't guarantee that you will get to the right recruiter for that firm or that role, but it is a starting place.

Another thing you can do is call people who work for that firm and ask them, "You know of a recruiter who is doing the work for your organization I can reach out to? I don't want to impose upon you and have you refer me unless you are open to that. From my vantage point, I would be just as happy to work with a third party recruiter. Could you point me to someone who is doing work for your firm?"

If they are a senior enough level, like a manager or above, they are probably involved with hiring and, thus, they see resumes that come through. I am sure that they have taken note of who the contact person is with that recruiting firm that their company is submitting resumes from Who they can point you to as being appropriate for what you are looking for.

If you are too inhibited to do that, and easier approach, the easiest 1 of all is to identify a job that you know they are recruiting for and start looking for unique language in that job description. Then do a unique search in Google by putting that term or phrase in quotes and see you which recruiting firms come up because they were too lazy to change it in what they posted it and you were able to find them.


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