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When you need to interview and hire people only by video, it’s a different experience for them and for you. Here are a few points to remember.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways. Here, I want to talk with you If you ever about hiring people
virtually not really meeting them in person virtual hiring for real you see
for many of you you're used to the I'm going to do phone screen and then we'll
bring someone in two or three times and then after we've met them two or three
times and had them talk to nine people we're going to make them an offer. It's
got to be a little bit different when you doing it by video
is remember they're only seeing you on camera how does your personality come in
How do you show yourself as been alive, instead of being another robot. Now you
may think this is no big deal but if you've ever been on my side of things
both in my time as a coach and before that for 40 years they've been recruiting
most hiring managers, most directors, most senior leaders initially are pretty darn
stiff over the phone and this they don't really make a good connection there's
such a great opportunity to do that because one of the differentiators that
is going to exist for you and it needs to exist for you is who you are as a
person. Think in terms of
think in terms of how do you make a connection now there's all the obvious
stuff yes you need to have basic pre-scripted questions to evaluate
people for what their knowledge is you need to remember to smile along the way
and not be as stiff automaton. You can't be looking off-camera You have to be
aware of what's behind you and the message that it sends
or you're doing it from home again it's all the same stuff that exists in your
meetings how do you make a connection with people because unless you do that
yes, the work may be more interesting in your place but people want to feel particularly
since this is a new experience for them they want to feel like the firm that
they join they like the people there because they're not meeting them except online.
So remember the biggest
thing you've got to bring into this is your personality you're a salesperson no
matter what the function is you can't read the lines if you need to pin them
to your laptop around the frame so that, in this way, they can't see it. And if you . . .
I'm looking off away from my camera and it doesn't really look radically
different than what I am looking at the right spot right so put questions up
that you need to cover so you're not looking down and breaking on contact the
human connection I hope you found this helpful
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have a great day and be great


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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