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Team interviews have their own dynamics based upon whether you are going to be leading the team for being a member.

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I'm going to talk with you today about the team interview. You know, you are invited back to me, "the team."

How you conduct yourself in the team interview depends upon the level at which are joining the organization. After all, if you joining in organizations and member of the team, they are looking at you differently than when you're going to be the lead for the team.

As the lead for the team, you have to arrive with self-confidence and ask questions that suggests you are there to help them and not be there to become the next dictator to join. When you’re on staff, you need to be collegial, friendly, affable, ask them questions that are comfortable with.

In both cases, you want to have a self-confident smile, but the nature of the questions that you might ask are going to be different. I am 1st to talk with you about the questions you might ask them, then, from there, then my going to the told that you would take if they start asking you questions.

You might ask a question like, “What’s it like to work for so-and-so? They seem like a terrific person. Any honorees or peculiarities that I should know, again, because everyone’s got their stuff, right?”

“In this role, what’s the top priority for someone? “

“What do you think will be my biggest challenge coming in?”

“Is there any training that you think I might need coming in?”

“Performance reviews. How have you found those? Have you found them effective and helpful?”

“What are the group’s plans for the year? What is your target?” Here you want to find out if it matches up with what you have been told.

“Do you have any questions for me? Can you tell me about the work will be doing or the project I will be on?”

“Was there someone in this role before? What did they do well? What could they have done better?”

Stuff along those lines is the kind of question you might ask. If you feel like you’re losing the room for some reason (I’m sure you can pick up the signals if you are), you might ask, “Do you have any concerns about my ability to fit in or my qualifications?” The question like that makes them confess to you.

For them asking you questions, most the time to go to be asking you about your background and experience. Again, recognize that it’s not just simply what you say that matters that you tell the story about yourself. How does your body language confirms (and thus is congruent) with someone who should be in this role. Thus, if you are 54, interviewing with a group of people who work 24, if you are joining is a member of the team, each of you has different expectations, right? If you are leading the team, they have aspirations for you. Your ability to inspire them in the course of this 1st conversation will set the framework for success or failure. When you come on board.

The team interview is an opportunity for you – – it opportunity for you to impress, an opportunity for you to relate, or to fail on both counts. Being a failure on both counts makes it hard for them to hire you.

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