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EP 76 A few years ago, the NBA playoffs provided two tremendous lessons for all of us . . . and they probably are not what you think they are. (From the archives)

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This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast and I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The
big-game hunter I do leadership and career coaching and work with people all
over the world most of my clients are in the u.s. you know I've helped people now
for many years. And I was watching last night's Game 7 of the NBA Western
Conference Finals or the Western. Conference playoffs I should say and I
was reminded of a couple of lessons about the importance of game 7's in
our lives. Now, I've been a bring in the stories of LeBron from their Game 7,
as well but there are lessons I think that are very useful and let me just
start off with a LeBron and one great great athlete he's getting older he is
incredible talent with enormous will and that isn't always enough it was an
interesting comment I heard after the game 7 from an ESPN commentator
named Tim Legler. And what he said was going into Game 7, there was no
question LeBron was going to get his points but the question was could they
get 30 points from two other players and interesting lesson there it isn't always
about star performers. It's about the supporting cast and having good people
around leadership in order to ensure that the great talent or the visionary
has their back covered I thought that was a great lesson and then the second
one I think came from the the Houston-. Golden State game. Great game! Challenging
first half for Golden State and this one comes from Steve Kerr there
who was being interviewed or I should say blew through an interview after the
first quarter and he's greeted by an analyst who's got a mic
He's sticking it in his face between the first and second quarters and without
being asked the question he says we're down five and we played our worst
basketball of the entire season I think we're in good shape and then they're
down by nine they give up a drive and a score with four and a half seconds left
on the clock so that down by 11, an even worse performance. Yet, once
again they came out for the third quarter and put on a display like only
they can. I bring this up because Kerr, very simply, was able to recognize that,
although his team was agitated although his team seemed a little nervous going
into the game, they performed even though they weren't at their best. And thus,
patience sometimes is the thing to focus on can you keep your head about you in
the middle of a crisis so that you can deliver? Often, we get caught up in the
emotion of the moment and fail to perform at our best and rather than
freaking out at his players, just kept a level head and pulled them back in so
that when they came out for the second half they blew Houston away down by 11
they won by I believe it was 9 or 11 points . . . one of the other. Where do you
freak out and make a costly mistake that could affect you and those I thought
were too great lessons from the two game sevens in the NBA that I think we can
apply to our own lives very simply we're can you get a supporting cast to help
you or be that supporting cast for someone else
and how can you keep your head balanced so that the times of crisis
you're not freaking out and making it more difficult for yourself so hope you
found this helpful if you're interested in my coaching you connect with me on
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listen to the podcast maybe you even subscribe to the podcast and once we're
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conversation and I look forward to helping hope you have a great day
take care
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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