By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Throwback Thursday.

We share old photos.

We love that moment from the past and open ourselves up to being teased for what we look like then.

He posted the photo of the time more than 50 years ago.

His hair was long.

His mood was happy.

It’s how he lived his life every day.

Fun was important.

One of his friends commented, “There is nothing quite like being young and having fun!”

To which I commented, “old and having fun is pretty damn good, too!”

This brings us to the career angle for today.

When was the last time you worked brought you pleasure?

When was the last time you can honestly say to yourself that you had a great day?

As I was speaking with a sales executive the other day is management is making it hard for him to lead his team (no reason for details), his job, among other things, is to eliminate friction that interferes with his sales team’s success.

Does it feel like there’s too much friction in your organization?

Is that what is causing you to never smile at work.

How did you lose your smile?

So many people have.

The thrill is gone
 The thrill is gone away
 The thrill is gone, baby
 The thrill is gone away
 You know you done me wrong, baby
 And you’ll be sorry someday

BB King

Obviously, BB King was not saying about the workplace.

But the truth is for many of you, the thrill has been gone for years and you become like a charwoman in those old children’s stories who cleans up after others who don’t value what she does.

Is that how you want to live your life?

After all, a lifetime is not a long time.

We like to think of ourselves as being immortal but life has a way of showing us how foolish we are to operate from that attitude.

How do you want to live between now and the inevitable conclusion of your life?

Money is important but their places will pay you well and greatly reduce the friction that you’re experiencing at work.

Maybe the work itself is the issue.

Maybe this isn’t the time for you to make a career change because of your financial responsibilities.

But you can plot a course that will take you in a different direction.

That’s what I did when I transitioned to coaching.

I didn’t change right away. I took almost 2 years to learn what I thought I needed to learn, understand the business of coaching and slowly wean myself away from my previous career.

You can do that, too.

Just go exploring. It doesn’t commit you to anything other than learning what you don’t know about that dream that you have locked away.

Maybe the reality is far different than what the dream is saying to you.

That eliminates an option in much the same way a doctor rules out possible causes of the disease.

Just don’t allow yourself to be resigned to how you live now.

You can do things differently.

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