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Frustration |

Frustration |

When I think of frustration, I think of displaced anger that should be directed somewhere else,


I wanted to do a video today about frustration. When I think of frustration, I tend to think of a version of anger--anger that something has come up that makes it hard to do something and you can't quite express it legitimately. So, you turn the anger in against yourself and cause yourself unnecessary suffering.
Think about it for a second. You're frustrated at work. Let's break down what you tend to be frustrated about. A project or assignment that is complicated. You can't solve it. Maybe you've been put into an untenable situation. You're angry at yourself, but you should be angry at someone else but you can't because, systematically or systemically, it's not appropriate. So, you're angry at yourself.
You're on another work situation. Your boss basically gives you . . . something to do that's impossible or you just have no interest in. You become frustrated because you haven't been heard and, thus, become frustrated. You're angry. You're angry at yourself when you should be angry at someone else.
Let me just simply say that frustration can be figured out and frustration can be dealt with more readily than you may think. Rather than pointed it at yourself, and, certainly, rather than blowing up, there are ways of dealing with it with the legitimate target that don't put you at risk but do encourage you to not eat up your insides, not hurt yourself because you can't express yourself.
Let me just pause and say I will never tell you to scream at your boss, a colleague or anyone. It's not going to help you. But there are ways that you can talk with people and politely say, "you know, I'm getting frustrated and I want to deal with and figure out how I can do this differently and maybe with advice . . . "
"Well, you've just got to hunker down."
"Of course, I've been hunkering down. I can't quite get going on this one. It's not something that interests me. It's something that's outside of my knowledge base. I'm getting angry at myself and I'm not getting results. So, help me help you."
And, with that, start engaging the conversation so the frustration ends and you can move forward.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked in recruiting for what seems like one hundred years. He is the head coach for

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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