Exploring Career Paths: Advice from an Expert

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter


Are you feeling lost or unsure about your career path? Do you wish you had a mentor to guide you through the process of finding the right job or planning your future? Look no further! In this blog, we will provide expert advice on navigating the world of career and job search, without the stress and confusion. Our guest today, Randy Shain, is a specialist in coaching students to make the most out of their college experience and discover their desired career path.

Understanding Randy’s Journey

Randy Shain, a private investigator turned student coach, shares his unique journey toward helping students. After spending 20 years as a private investigator, Randy realized his true passion lay in working with young people. He started a different business that focused on coaching students to maximize their college experience. Randy’s transition from a detective to a student coach may seem unusual, but it was driven by his desire to work more closely with young individuals and guide them in discovering their next steps in life.

Discovering the Next Step

Randy explains that his journey into mentoring and coaching was not his own idea. While attending Rutgers University, a woman approached him with a mentoring program opportunity. Intrigued, Randy decided to give it a try and soon found himself coaching students. He realized the value of mentoring and coaching young individuals, helping them explore their interests, and guiding them toward their desired career paths.

The Role of a Mentor

Randy believes that being a mentor involves being a good listener and focusing on the student. A mentor should guide and support the student without imposing their own ideas. Randy emphasizes the importance of building trust and fostering a relationship with the students, allowing them to discover their interests and aspirations. His approach differs from typical mentors who often act as authority figures, telling students what to do. Instead, Randy encourages students to introspect, explore their passions, and offers guidance based on their individual needs.

The Importance of Exploration

Randy emphasizes the significance of exploration, especially during the first year of college. He advises students to join clubs and take classes that interest them, even if they are unsure about their career path. Exploring different areas of interest helps students gain insight into their likes and dislikes, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future. Randy suggests taking a variety of courses outside of the core requirements, as it allows students to discover new passions and potential career paths.

Maximizing College Experience

During the second year of college, Randy encourages students to dive deeper into their areas of interest. This involves spending more time on activities they enjoy and narrowing down their focus. However, Randy also acknowledges the challenges students face in balancing their social life, coursework, and extracurricular involvement. He advises students to manage their time effectively and prioritize their commitments, ensuring they maintain a healthy balance.

The Value of Volunteering

Randy believes that volunteering is highly valuable for personal growth and career development. He emphasizes that students should engage in volunteer work that aligns with their interests, rather than doing it solely for their resume. Through volunteering, students can gain valuable skills, learn how to multitask, prioritize tasks, communicate effectively, and handle different situations. These skills are essential in any professional setting, and volunteering provides an excellent platform to develop and refine them.

Transitioning to Career Choices

As students progress through college, Randy advises them to start thinking about their career choices. He encourages students to explore internships and part-time jobs related to their interests. While some may argue that students should focus on jobs that pay well, Randy believes that gaining experience and acquiring skills are more important in the long run. He suggests that students consider taking up positions that may not be directly related to their desired career paths, as they can still learn transferable skills that will benefit them in the future.

Adapting and Evolving

Randy highlights the importance of adaptability and embracing change throughout one’s career. He encourages students to be open to exploring different opportunities and industries, even if it means changing jobs or shifting careers. By continuously learning and acquiring new skills, individuals can position themselves for success and find fulfillment in their work. Randy assures students that it’s normal to change jobs every few years as long as they continue to grow and learn from each experience.


As Randy Shain suggests, the process of planning one’s career should be exploratory, exciting, and flexible. By joining clubs, taking diverse courses, volunteering, and gaining practical experience, students can gain a deeper understanding of their interests and strengths. With the guidance of a mentor, students can make informed decisions about their future and build a solid foundation for their careers. Remember, the key is to focus on personal growth, acquiring transferable skills, and maintaining an open mind to new opportunities throughout your professional journey.


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