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Doing an End Run to Get Results |

Doing an End Run to Get Results |

In this Periscope video, I talk about the value of doing an end run around the applicant tracking system to get results.

In the video, I mention a website where you can search all public LinkedIn profiles. The address I refer to no longer works. In the summary, I offer a search engine that does the exact same thing.


For job hunters, the classic approach to applying for a job is you see an ad and then you go to the blackhole. You start filling out forms for the applicant tracking system. How’s that working for you, Bud? It doesn't work. It's slow. It's cumbersome. You or doing a lot of crap work. It doesn't benefit you. Here's what you do instead of that.

I want to encourage you to do is do an end run around their applicant tracking system. So, this is a firm that you think is going to be interesting in you. You have a background that fits them well or it is just an organization you want to work for. What you do instead of being a sheeple (you know, someone who's like a sheep. You follow the rules and it's awful) what you do is you use LinkedIn or, if it's a small to midsize firm, you can go to their website. Look at the “ABOUT” page, look at the management team for the person that runs the function that you want to work for. In a small to midsize firm, that's going to be pretty easy. They proudly put those pictures and profiles on their website.

For a larger firm, you may have to work your way down from executive level using LinkedIn. So, you may have a managing director or a “global head of . . . ” That person isn’t going to be involved in hiring for you. What they are going to have to do is have subordinates you contact through LinkedIn.

The simple way to do it through LinkedIn is (#1), follow the company page first quickly identify individuals who are already in your network that fit the role and (#2) is, let's assume that you don't have someone in your immediate network. What I want to do to switch off of LinkedIn for this website:
what it does is search all the public profiles of LinkedIn users in the United States.

Start looking for the function people at the firm that you're working for between LinkedIn and the link I shared. You’ll get pretty far down an organization. Reach out and connect with these folks. Indicate you understand that they are trying to hire for someone. If they aren’t the right person, could they point you to the right person who's responsible for that.

If you find a staff individual, “do you know if your group is trying to hire someone? Could you point me to the right individual, other than HR?” After all, they are just going to point you to the applicant tracking system and who wants to go through that all the time, right?

So, again, the idea is to do an end run around the formal ways that they tell you to apply for a job because they’re horrible. And even if you are going to be communicating with a human, most likely it is going to be an HR individual who is there to screen. The definition or the example of screening I use is like panhandlers in the gold rush days in California, sitting by the river. They’ve got a pan, they've got a screen on top of it. They drop the pan into water. They’re shuffling it back and forth to screen out the obvious silt and hoping that there's gold there. That is what HR is doing. Most of them don't really know what they're really looking for. They’re looking for keywords and unless you have it framed exactly like it was written in the ad, they may not know that you fit.

So, you're always better off doing the end run around HR and around the applicant tracking system in order to get the results that, at least, get you in the door or at least get your resume in front of someone who is real decision-maker.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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