Career Coach Office Hours: October 12, 2021 |

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Career Coach Office Hours. On the Tuesday show, I answer questions that have been sent to me about job search. You can put questions into chat about hiring more effectively, management, leadership, or resolving workplace issues, You can put future questions into chat or email it to me at TheBigGameHunter(at) In the subject line, put the phrase “Office Hours.”

Friday’s show does the opposite. I respond to questions I received about hiring, managing, leadership and resolving workplace issues. I to questions and chat room job search.

Career Coach Office Hours: October 12, 2021 |

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good afternoon or depending upon where
you are good morning this is jeff
hopping the big game hunter it's tuesday
at noon
which translates into career coach
office hours
i spend some time twice weekly talking
with people about job search which is
what the emphasis of this show is
and fridays at 9 00 a.m eastern is
around managing more effectively hiring
more effectively leading
be more effective in the workplace
and resolving workplace issues
in chat i'll take questions on any
subject but the ones i feature are
questions that i receive from people
during the last few days they'll relate
to you on this show job search and on
the other one
the other things you know hiring more
effectively managing leading you know
all the other stuff i mentioned
and again if you have a question
put it in the chat
and between shows i just want to
encourage you
email your questions to me in advance at
the big game hunter at and the
subject line put the phrase office hours
this way i know what it's about and i
can respond to your questions easily i
don't have to go looking through my
inbox which that gmail account gets a
lot of crap unfortunately
and it just becomes an easy way for me
to sort through
again the big gamehunter at
and in the subject line put the phrase
office hours
now i got a bunch of questions this week
about john running two four six eight
questions i try to keep this to about 30
minutes i'll go a little long if i get
questions in chat so don't worry about
it and
the first question is
what is the process for turning in a job
here's the fun part after the hiring
period is over
first of all
after the hiring period is over you want
to apply
they filled the job
and now you want to apply
you obviously don't know my work
because i'm
a believer that you try
never ever to apply for a job through
the applicant tracking system because
it's called the black hole for a reason
and you're going to go and try to apply
and think there's a process for applying
after they filled the job
tell me
tell me what do you think they do with
this resume
answer okay maybe it goes into the
applicant tracking system if it's not
too terrible
maybe it's just deleted because they
think you're an idiot
you know but fundamentally there's no
process for applying for a job
after they filled the job
okay i'm going to repeat that there's no
process for applying for a job after
it's been filled
what you should do
is find out who the hiring managers are
who look for people with relevant
experience to yours
and from there try to connect with them
and simply say look i know
you're not trying to fill anything right
now and if you're talking to the one who
just did i'm sorry i'm getting to you
late i wish i would have been part of
the process i hope this person works out
for you but if you need someone new
because hey look it's called the great
resignation and people are changing jobs
regularly so if someone else decides to
can i forward my resume to you maybe
stay in touch from time to time not
ridiculously frequently but you know
just try and connect with you and see
whether you need someone like me so i'm
not forgotten
something along those lines makes sense
but applying for a job that's closed
no don't do that you're just a spammer
at that point and you reveal yourself as
being a dope
how long does it take for a company to
let you know if you got the job after a
facility tour especially since it's past
the timeline they've given to me
so good news you got brought in for the
facility tour great
and they said they'd be in touch with
at a certain point and it's past that
we don't know if it's one day passed one
week or one month passed
call them text them email them say you
know when we spoke in person you told me
you'd be back in touch with me around
such and such date it's obviously past
that point uh am i still under
you know just be that directed with you
uh when do what i expect to hear
about a decision
assuming that i am under consideration
and thus what you're trying to do is
reconnect with them now when i think of
someone being brought in for a tour i'm
not thinking of a junior individual i'm
thinking of someone at a management or
leadership level
and you should be that direct with them
because it reflects your personal
leadership to be that direct that you've
delayed past the point
i'm going to assume significantly past
the point where you should have heard
from them reflects poorly upon you
because as a leader of an organization
there's an accountability issue they
stated they would do something and
they're out of integrity with their
commitment for you the result winds up
being that
you know you're not showing yourself as
the leader you might claim to be
take the bull by the horns
go for it okay contact them and make
that question give them that question
why should an employee agree to attend
to an uh attend an exit interview
well i want to be clear i don't believe
these should be dumping sessions
if your plan on attending an exit
interview would be to dump on your
former manager
let it go
let it go
provide some praiseworthy information
even if you loathe the individual
because you never know when you run into
that person again
if they were an opponent of yours if
they weren't the supporter of yours
everyone already knows it
and all you need to say is hey look you
know it's obvious you know she and i he
and i disagreed with one another
that's okay
i could have worked that out but then
this great situation came to me that i
you know
it would be best that if i follow
through with it good opportunity great
team of people no disrespect to the
existing team but i wasn't going
anywhere here so
i decided to act on it and you say look
you know
she and i he and i disagreed
that didn't change and i still respect
the right to make those decisions
and as such
why you would attend is to ensure that
this individual doesn't say anything
critical about you at a time in the
you're not
setting a fire to the house you're not
trying to burn it down and cause other
independence and cause that individual
to wander around this firm their next
have other people hear the story about
how awful you are and how you were mean
and obnoxious and you know disrespectful
at the time of the
all you want to do is to say hey look
i'm going on to something else that i
think is a better fit for me right now
why wouldn't you attend because there's
a message in dawn attendance
and thus attending
eliminates that nonsense
gets to a core element acknowledges the
truth of the situation
and then says well i got recruited for
something i think is better
you know no disrespect to my current
firm or to this firm or the people i
work with or my manager i just think
this is a good opportunity for me right
and leave it at that
next question
why do i think it's not worth applying
for jobs at a startup organization
well i don't think it's not worth
applying for a job at a startup
organization now
i will say that if you're an older
and you're considering a new position
you have to be clear about what the
demands are going to be at that startup
if they have the expectation of a
90-hour week
remember there's only 144 hours in a
week that you're going to sleep under
your desk
and put in you know animal hours
this may not be for you
if it's a well-capitalized
well-staffed like it's a startup but
it's already two years in
and they have a lot of process in place
this may not feel like a startup to you
why you wouldn't do it is if the demands
of this organization just like the
demands of a more substantial
exceed those that
you would want to commit to doing
the other reason it's not worth it is if
the work that you be doing just like the
work of the larger organization
isn't of interest to you if you don't
respect your future manager or boss
if you don't like your colleagues
you're going to be that much more
connected to them working at a startup
because it's smaller you're not buffered
by bureaucracy and the result wants to
be the reasons you would not join a
startup are the same reasons you
wouldn't want to join any organization
and i'll go one extra step with the
you know if they're under capitalized
you wouldn't want to join because
they've got no burn you know they've got
flex in their burn rate they're spending
more money that they're taking in you're
not going to have a chance of winning
i'm being recruited for a position and
i'm on the final round but thinking it
through i don't think i want to work
there how can i tell the recruiter
that i'm not interested anymore
one thing i do know is that people are
sometimes wrong in their assessments
they think this is a job that they're
not interested in
you know they're under a misfit a
so what i would do is tell the agency
you know i've been thinking about it and
i have a couple of questions i want to
resolve before i come back for a final
and you lay out what your concerns are
and this could be actually with the
corporate recruiter as well after all
it doesn't matter if these are or things
that would cause you to be rejected you
would be rejected anyway
by rejecting yourself for the role
so ask questions at this point if you
don't like the answers if after you get
it clarified they haven't resolved the
issue for you
simply say
let's skip this one i'm not feeling like
it's the right thing for me i wish you
well i'm sorry i'm doing this at the
latest stage but i just realized that
there were a couple of factors that i
wasn't happy with but the momentum was
going along uh and the result is i don't
want to bring come back for a final when
i don't plan on
accepting an offer unless it's a
kajillion bazillion dollars
and you'll laugh at that because you
know there's no chance of some
insane amount of money being thrown at
so start by asking questions first to
make sure that what you think about the
situation or your interpretation of
something you were told is accurate
if they tell you no no that's not true
make sure you raise that as a subject
in the interview with them at some point
when they say something questions
you know
when i was interviewing with previous
people i got the idea that you lay out
what the area of concern is when i spoke
with hr with a third party recruiter
they said no it's not going to be like
that or that's not correct so i just
want to hear from you directly
is what i was thinking correct or
incorrect if it's incorrect let's keep
if it's correct this may not be the
right situation for me the idea is to
test what you're told so you're not put
into a situation where you're just
relying upon what you were told by
someone else who may have a financial
interest in you accepting an offer
i believe this is questions six
can i get hired if i am nervous
in the interview
part of the reason people get nervous is
they're unprepared for interviews they
think they can walk in and kind of wing
so when they're asked questions
they're not ready for
they get jittery
and that comes through
one of the things that companies look
for when they hire
is self-confidence and when you're in a
where you're
shall we say not as well prepared as you
could be
unable to answer certain questions
excuse me
excuse me
i'm sorry you know just one of those
things that happens involuntarily
so if you're in a situation where you
can't answer questions because in some
way shape or form
you're just not ready to answer things
that you should or they think you should
you're going to get nervous
more preparation
one of the things i do is i have a video
course called the ultimate job interview
framework it's available on udemy you
can get to the page with that at the big
game hunter
dot u s forward slash interviews
again the big game hunter dot u s
forward slash interviews
you know they run sales all the time i
have it listed at 25
most of the time they're selling it for
less so just
order the course
learn how to interview like a pro so
that you don't come across as an amateur
unprepared unable to inspire confidence
that you're the solution because that's
really one of the things they're looking
competence is only one thing
self-confidence character chemistry
some charisma that you care
all of which adds up to you they trust
unless you let them feel comfortable
that you're the solution because you
carry yourself in a way that provides
that credibility
the interview is doomed so
always always spend some time in
preparation okay and again that's the
big game however us
forward slash interviews
and let's see if i can put that into the
notes yeah it's a chat
well there it is good
seventh question
what shall i prepare for my third
that will
when i will meet the chief manager
i want you to start off by reflecting on
the previous rounds of interviews
obviously you did some things well
but for most people there are some rough
edges that surfaced
and i know from my experience in doing
it's like
a blister it's a sore and they're gonna
pick at it
and pick at it and pick at it
because it was noticed i'm sure
nothing ever is unnoticed it is noticed
and number one is don't treat this like
a formality
doesn't sound like you're doing that but
i'm obligated to state that number two
is in reviewing the previous rounds of
what were the rough edges that occurred
where were the places in the interview
where you weren't sure that you'd hit on
all the points
they're going to go back there
again i'll go back to my course
you can order that
and simply you know do some of the
things there
prepare at least one new story in
advance of the interview that you
haven't shared with anyone up until this
point so they don't think you have the
same two stories you're gonna keep
depending upon your level of experience
use the star format if you're at a staff
level situation or task action result
as the format of the story
or if you're a manager level and above
situation obstacles action result in
both cases the result should include a
metric of impact
money saved
money earned percentage improvement keep
the story to a minute to a minute 15 in
it does make a difference because people
stop listening after about that amount
of time
by the way in case you notice
most of the time i'm keeping my answers
in a concise way so that
yeah if it's not this question that
you're going to be interested in it'll
be the next one
last question for today
yes i was so happy when i saw this
why is it that when i'm 65
after 45 years in my field and go to a
job interview i'm turned away not
i'm unqualified but because i'm 30 years
older than the interviewer
so that starts off with the assumption
that that's the reason you're being
turned down
you may carry yourself like a
like oh
i got someone who's 30.
30-32 they're never going to hire me you
carry yourself off as defeated
you have the attitude of i've been there
done that
no big whoop i can do that
instead of carrying yourself
as having a flexible mind having
adaptability thinking that this person
is someone that you can learn from
making it clear that you want to support
them and their success not because
you've been there or done that but you
want to help them win
that's really the focal point is helping
your manager look good
you know the long the short of it is it
isn't the fact that you have
so much more experience of this person
is that you carry yourself in a way that
they don't want to be around you
you don't make them feel as though
you're there to serve them you make it
seem as though yeah i can do this job
but why should i work for you
and that comes through all the time
i said i've said this many times people
comp to ageism much too easily and you
probably have noticed i'm not 24.
now as of this recording
i'm 70.
i seem to be 71. and most people are
surprised when i say that but it's true
i'll simply say if you're really
interested in roles it's time to start
thinking differently than the way you
ageism exists
it's absolutely true
but most people's attitudes are what get
them rejected
they walk into the interview they see
that person who's old enough to be their
daughter or son
and they go oh they're never hiring me
it's not like they make that sound i
made but
it shows on your face
you don't come across as the friendly
guy you wear things that are dated
your hairstyle is off
perhaps you're overweight because that
shows up too and you don't look as well
as you could
it's time for you to start acting like
the adult that you claim to be
and don't blame them start looking at
the mirror and seeing what you can do to
be corrective
i've been i was working on a speech
recently talking about what people can
especially when you're younger
to move ahead more readily
one of the things i've been writing
is connecting with more senior people
more seasoned people to be advisors to
them someone that they could ask
questions and the advisors have
no expectation that their advice is
going to be followed
and somewhere on the interview it's not
that you're going to say hey
you know
i could be a trusted advisor for you
why should they change you to advise
they have people that they're already
managing who fall into that category but
you could talk about how you've done it
in your last two organizations
managers would come to you
who were less experienced and ask for
your opinion about things and i knew
they weren't always going to follow up
but they wanted to hear it because i had
different experiences
that's a different way of packaging that
aged difference that allows you to stand
out from the
30 year old that they might also be
so again don't cop to ageism so fast
look in the mirror instead
i'm jeff altman hope you enjoyed this
i'll be back friday at 9 00 a.m eastern
with more
and that show is going to emphasize
hiring more effectively management
leadership resolving workplace issues
and in chat i'll take questions about
job search as well
again if you have questions for me you
can send them to me at the big game
hunter at
in the subject line put the phrase
office hours
and i'll also say i'd love to work with
as a as a coach
you can schedule time for a free
discovery call at the
thebaygamehunter.usforward slash
and schedule a discovery call with me or
schedule time for coaching i'd love to
help you lastly connect with me on
LinkedIn at forward slash
high end forward slash the big game
hunter mention that you saw this
mention that you saw this
or heard this i'd love to help you
have a terrific day and most importantly
be great
take care


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