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Career Coach Office Hours October 1, 2021 |

Today’s questions are:

Why do some employers think employees who work from 9-5 and punch in at or around 9 and punch out at or around 5 “aren’t dedicated enough”?

Do shareholders of large positions and institutional investors do the same deep dive on Board of Director candidates or C-Suite executive candidates as they do on the financial reports?

Why do recruiters get mad at candidates for ghosting them when they offer them a position, yet these recruiters ghost the majority of candidates they work with?

As an employer who is short-handed, do you operate with the staff you have and offer poor service and risk damaging your brand? Do you accept lower standards for employees?

Is it possible to build a startup alone and recruit people after we have a customer?

How do we recruit the best people?

Does hiring season exist or there’s no such thing?

What prevents a good integration of an employee despite an established process?


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hey it's jeff open the big game hunter
and it's friday october 1st 2021
fridays is the show that i do
that focuses on
hiring more effectively managing and
leading dealing with workplace related
issues some questions along those lines
however if you have a question about job
search feel free to put it into chat and
i'll try and address it as well
my tuesday at 12 eastern show
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into chat related to these other areas
i just get lots of questions from people
because i've been coaching and
recruiting for a long time and i always
want to make sure that
folks have a way of getting their
questions answered from someone who
no disrespect intended i know what i'm
talking about
and when i don't i'm very willing to
admit it
between shows if you want to send a
question to me email it to me at
thebiggamehunter and in the subject line put
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should say for amazon music
let me back up it's available for amazon
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it will take you to my youtube channel
directly so again that's now i've got eight
questions for today at least so far
let's see if we have any surprises that
show up later
the first question is
why do some employers think employees
who work from nine to five and punch in
at around nine
and punch at at or around the five
aren't dedicated enough
well i think that's pretty easy
and it's the notion that
at or around because trust me
no one's coming in earlier or leaving
later and asking this question
they're looking for
a backup to the fact that you're coming
in late and leaving early
they get the idea that it's not that
important to you because
they have work that needs to be done or
they're paying you
and i'll tell you that
if they came to you and said you know i
know we're paying you whatever it is but
you know we're gonna pay a little bit
less than this week because you know
what what the heck what difference does
it make
well it makes a difference to you right
and those 15 minutes that you're late or
leave early or both
you know proves costly over the course
of time and it suggests it doesn't
matter to you
when firms hire
that you care is part of what they look
for and care involves effort
and a bunch of other things so they view
it as you don't care when you show up
and or leave early okay that's question
number one
question number two
do shareholders for
of large positions and institutional
investors do the same deep dive on board
of director candidates or c-suite
executive candidates as they do on the
financial reports
yes but
i have to say yes but
there's great screening that's being
done by search firms in advance
and thus
when they're meeting someone the heavy
lifting has already been done by a
search firm
do you think people are sending in
resumes for board of director positions
are they mailing them in
and the company's running ahead for it
no of course not they're hiring a search
firm to do screening for them to
identify individuals who'd be qualified
interested and potentially available for
them then from there they're trying to
seek can i trust this person do i have a
relationship can i build a relationship
with them or i can trust them do we know
people in common
who can vouch for this person and a
variety of other things so they did do a
deep dive you bet they do
you know
they have a responsibility and
for shareholders
well let me back up for a second i
missed an obvious point
shareholders and institutional investors
i was thinking of this as being the
usually not um they may be informed of
decisions that are being made
in advance of the decision being made to
see if there's anything adverse
search firms are doing the primary thing
no they're not really doing the deep
uh why do recruiters get mad at
candidates for ghosting them when they
offer them a position yet these
recruiters ghosts the majority of
candidates they work with
let's start off with the circumstances
are not identical
recruiters ghosts the majority of
candidates they quote unquote work with
because most
spam their resume and thus
the refusal to respond which you may
consider ghosting
puts them in the position of being
obliged to respond to everyone and
and thus
i'll simply say
it's not the same as we've interviewed
10 people
and now we're going to make an offer and
you've said yes or you're ignoring it
and not responding and we don't know
where we stand
and we have a position that needs to be
filled and someone needs help with their
with their team or we need to hire a
leader and you've disappeared
not the same set of circumstances and
thus they get annoyed and angry
about being ghosted
that's the answer to that question mahib
thank you um after the three key skills
of the 20th uh first century
the three c's like communications
what do you think matters the most or
will matter in the future
interpreting data is one thing that
comes to mind immediately because
there's going to be a wealth of data and
thus the ability to
do analysis of data yes there's going to
be a software screen but
you know remember
in the old days the phrase used to be
garbage in garbage out well the
is going to be the person who's creating
the garbage and that's the data
analytics tools and whether they're
really capable
of analyzing data the degree to which
it's available so i tend to think of
data analysis
as being one factor that will continue
to be important and even more important
you know there's just so many things
mohib that can come into play
and i can't anticipate something that's
going to happen 70 years from now the
end of the century will be very
different than this part of the century
just like if you look at the last
well the early 2000s
the primary mode of communications was a
you wrote a letter
if you sent it to another part of the
how was it delivered to someone
postal service
stage coach
there were some vehicles that started to
show up i suspect
means of communication changed and
delivery mechanisms changed i suspect
the same thing will happen later in the
century as well because it always does
communications is evolving remember
there was a time in human history where
writing was considered high-tech and at
the time of the bible
the ability to write those entire class
of people who were identified as being
special because they could write
these days everyone can
the ability to connect with an audience
these days is important
because otherwise
you're talking to yourself so the
ability to develop an audience
sustain it
be a personality is part of the current
lexicon what will happen later in the
century i don't know money i can't tell
it's beyond my capacity right now
let's go back to another question
as an employer who is shorthanded do you
operate with the staff you have and
offer poor service and risk damaging
brand your brand do you accept lower
standards for employees
i know the mistake i made
and i hired a poor quality of
to work with me
in the early days of my recruiting firm
i didn't know quite how to hire even
though i could screen for people for a
client i didn't understand that i would
have to do it really for myself
so i hired people who didn't care
i hadn't really formulated thoughts
about competence self-confidence
character chemistry charisma and now
i just looked across the table at
and thought
they kind of like them and that's really
you know again i didn't know how to
really evaluate and assess
so i made the mistake of hiring people
who didn't care but didn't put in an
effort and were there dressed for a
i didn't hire people who would love what
we were doing and i didn't make
that as important criteria as a result i
delivered poor service
risk damaging my brand i have to come in
and rescue situations much too often
when i lowered standards
standards have to be maintained
and you have to think of
what is your customer going to want from
you and can this person deliver it can
you afford to hire someone
will do the right work and here's the
more important question that i learned
the hard way can you afford not to hire
who has the right qualities to be
with their work
so don't don't compromise it's not an
either or if anything you want to hold
out for excellence
and if you can't afford it figure out
how you can afford it because it's very
expensive to hire incompetent people
mahip thank you i was very gracious of
next question is
is it possible to build a startup alone
and recruit people after
we have a customer
well you have to
recruit people very quickly i'll give
you an example that has nothing to do
with startups but it is a startup a
concert venue
or something like
the woodstock concerts
suddenly they have an event i'm going to
not look at the first one i'm going to
look at the first revival of it
they hired a lot of temporary talent
when they figured out they were going to
have a lot of people in attendance who
attention so they spent a long time
lining up acts
as a small group of people
doing work to
find the location for the concert book
prepare it and a variety of other things
before people showed up and then when
they showed up they went out and
think of them as a startup
different than your startup
you know most major events really are
startup environments but it's
one day
one week something along those lines
it's like a pop-up
for a
a restaurant
suddenly they realize they have
something going and they need more staff
so they hire a bunch of people yes you
can build a startup alone
and recruit the people later once you
have a customer now here's you know
again i'm going to point that you may
need to hire temporary labor
uh very quickly with basic skills so
while you're building the startup
while you're doing the marketing which
you know developing startup technology
building the infrastructure for your
startup and marketing those are two
different skills usually
so hopefully you have a co-founder to
work with you
and thus
when it comes time to deliver you have a
relationship with a temp source
that can provide people for you quickly
with the right skill set and with the
right demeanor so you want to build that
relationship in advance so they can turn
on the diamond provide for you
remember two different skill sets
building an infrastructure and a
and marketing
are you the best person to do that do
you have someone to partner with
a few more questions how do we recruit
the best people
i worked in search for a long time
and when i think of recruiting the best
people i think of the entire hiring
mohib i can't answer that question today
he asked about 102 best books
used mainly by startup owners to take
guidance on next steps i can't answer
that one tonight
there are many
no time today
how do we recruit the best people so i
was saying i tend to think of this from
the standpoint of not just simply
engaging them interviewing them
hiring them
and turning them into great performers
the best people everyone has a different
definition of that
i'll start off by saying one of the ways
to hire
people who will work well for your
because i don't think there's any such
thing as the best people
the way to do it is to engage your staff
finding people who they know
who are qualified who they can
and develop their interest in joining
your firm
in effect pre-qualify them for your
and then bring them in for interviews
and then from there you have to make
them fall in love there's no love
they don't join right and if your people
are unwilling to do that
if they don't want to work with their
friends or former colleagues
that says something to you about how
they view working at your firm
they don't care and you have a problem
so you have to engage your folks to
figure out what's wrong with your
organization that they don't want to
bring in their friends or former
colleagues into it to make them to
encourage them to work for you
does hiring season exist or there's no
such thing
in the u.s there are peaks and valleys
to hiring so is there a hiring season i
don't think so i think there are a few
of them the first one starts somewhere
after the first of the year when people
come back from emotional holiday related
to christmas and new years and get into
the swing of work again
and once they're back into the swing of
work they have their budgets in place
and they have the ability to start
bringing people on so activity ramps up
then when you get closer to the summer
and positions haven't been filled yet
firms start looking at consultants very
and they bring on consultants from from
the summer through the end of the year
they may need some temporary talent for
other types of positions because folks
are on vacation and they need coverage
those tend to be for administrative
roles fundamentally the two major times
are at the beginning of the year and
during the summer and then the third
cycle is when they start to realize
they're either going to lose their
and they have to spend it
their new budget for the following year
has been approved
and they can start recruiting now to
have them join after the first of the
year that becomes another cycle for
last question for today unless there's
something in chat
what prevents a good integration of an
employee despite an established process
the process really is irrelevant
i think what
prevents the integration from happening
is that either you've misrepresented the
position to the person
and cause them to now become disengaged
rather than engaged
or your person your people start to tell
this individual
what's wrong and infects them
and causes them to think less of their
and thus their disappointment and
disengagement show up
i don't think it's a question of your
i think it's a question more often than
that i'm going to be blunt here you've
misrepresented things you've lied you've
exaggerated you haven't told them what's
wrong in your organization that may
cause them hardship
an example i'll give
is and this is a funny one because the
firm did it the right way
uh someone my coach talked about joining
an organization
he believed he could be an approximate
role to what he wanted to do
and that would allow him to interact
with those people and they might want to
hire him so he would be joining at like
a stepping stone level
for what he really wanted to do
in point the fact that wasn't the case
he was going to be doing that job and he
was going to be siloed because those
people didn't really engage with these
people the ones he'd be working in so
although he did great work and a great
job he couldn't get what he wanted so he
kind of tuned down because on his side
of this he told himself a story that
wasn't true
you have to be clear with people about
what they can expect what's on board
what your expectations are going to be
who the winners are who the less
successful people are and why
trying to scare them off so that in this
way they know what they're stepping into
so often
firms don't do that with the result
is employees become disengaged very
quickly and thus that excited animated
person that you interviewed who was
competent self-confident showed
had charisma showed that they cared had
chemistry with the other people all
these factors that made you trust them
suddenly they start eroding and you wind
up with another
a less than person
so why does it happen
there's a disconnect often between what
the reality is and what they believe is
the case that causes them to tune out
not care as much and for you to lose
interest in this employee
and feel as though you made a mistake
quick look at chat no other questions
and i'm jeff alton i'll be back tuesday
focused on job search and again if you
have a question for me you can email it
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have a terrific day and most importantly
be great
take care


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