EP 2130 I’m back with more questions I couldn’t answer during the week:  

Should I know personally, the person who can refer me to the Hiring Manager? Since that person also has a chance to get a referral bonus, probably I can request that from the people that I do not know  

If I talk with a real person directly, they say “Please apply online”. What should I do then?  

ZipRecruiter lets you upload a cover letter AFTER uploading the resume. Should I still do it?  

How long do you wait to reach back to a recruiter, if you haven’t heard from them? My situation is that I had the third round interview last Monday, and haven’t heard from them about next potential steps, or decisions they may have made. But I also don’t want to put pressure on them.  

Will the ATS define the keywords automatically by using the Job Description OR will the Hiring Manager define some keywords manually? Because, if the 1st choice is correct, I should put “team player” into my Resume as well  

If applying through ATS doesn’t work, why I see these percentages about “Getting an Interview” on the Glassdoor page of one company?: • Applied online – 54% • Recruiter – 15% • Campus Recruiting – 12% • Employee Referral – 12% • In Person – 3% • Other – 3% • Staffing Agency – 2%

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm back with more career coach office hours. I'm back on the streamyard today. I was going to try a different piece of software. But I couldn't figure out how to switch the camera. So, I'll try that one next week. But I've got a bunch of questions for that I haven't been able to get to. So, let me cover a couple of them here, okay?

Should I personally know the person who can refer me to the hiring manager, since that person also has a chance to get a referral bonus? Probably, I can request that from the people that I do not know.

Well, I think what you're saying is, well, the first parts clear. Sure, I go to people who you know, personally that's always best, it is always best that someone who knows you, who can really attest to you, makes the recommendation. But that's gonna be a finite universe and depending on where you are in the world, there's gonna be a limited number of people who may be able to make introductions to hiring managers that are useful to you. So, you have to extend past that and yes, often those people receive referral bonuses. What do they want to know from here? They don't want to get a sense of your capabilities and may ask you questions to get clearer about that and the reason is very simply your reflection on them and if you do badly on interviews, that makes them look bad. So, don't be surprised if they ask you questions about your expertise, go into more detail, ask for a copy of the resume that they can submit and a variety of other things that translate into a pre-interview to the real interview.

Next question, what happens, what should I do when I call people directly or contact people directly? They say, please apply online. What should I do then?

And there's a couple of ways to go about this and I'll just start off with. I don't know what's happened in your conversation, it could be as simple as they don't really think you're ready, good, very useful. So, they're sending you away to applying online. That is certainly a part of that. If you really are capable of doing the job and you have the right experience and be honest with yourself, though, you're not fooling anyone, if you're lying to yourself that you can do these jobs, you're not qualified. But if you are qualified, then you flip to them as I'm happy to do that, I just want to make sure that I have the right background for the role and if it's the hiring manager, that you're talking to say, look, I'm happy to do that but this is what my background is you go through a couple of things, can you spend five minutes where I get a clearer idea of what you're looking for because I don't want to upload my resume and have it go into the black hole any more than you want to do that when you're looking for work. So, just to be five minutes, please and if they say no, just go apply online, that sends a message that you are commodity because if they're busy, they'll say I'm busy right now, could you call me back? Thus, what you're trying to do is to move the head of their stinking thinking and get them to talk to you.

Next question, you can upload a resume or a cover letter to zip recruiter; you have to do it after you do the resume. Should I even bother?

Now, with zip recruiter, if it's after, it doesn't mean that's going to be read after. So, if that's what you want to do, if you want to submit a cover letter, do it. My preferred way when you're dealing with an applicant tracking system that wants you to upload a cover letter, or suggest a cover letter and you don't really think it's going to be read, you make page one of your resume the cover letter and the rest of the resume follows it. But the cover letter has to be special and the special cover letter is what's called the tiller. Flush left are the skills and requirements of the position. Flush right is how long or how recently you've done that and thicker Trumps of the skills and requirements and thus what you've made page one is keyword rich and that gets to through the applicant tracking systems that demonstrate that you have a fit. Only put the ones that you have experience with. Don't put something like that you don't have experience with and flush right zero. Don't do stuff like that. Just focus on the ones that you do have experience with and move from there.

How long do you wait to reach back to a recruiter if you haven't heard from them? In my situation, I had a third round interview last Monday and haven't heard back from them about potential next steps or decisions they may have made. But I also don't want to put pressure on them. Would you contact them?

Alright, just some of the quick email saying, I haven't heard from you since my third interview last on Monday because you're giving me a sense of the timeline for next steps. Have you heard anything as of yet? What's going on, bring me up to date? You are entitled to that. If you think that's putting pressure on, that's foolish. All you're doing is asking a question and that's not pressure. They know how to push back if you're putting on pressure and that's not pressure.

If applying through the APA 80, I love this one, the ACS doesn't work. Why do I see percentages about getting an interview on Glass door of this one company saying applied online 54% and then it has other categories for lesser amounts?

That's really easy and the reason is not everyone answers these questionnaires and it's certainly possible without one company, they are more effective applying online. But it's called the black hole for a reason you know that and thus, if you think you can point to an exception and go aha and see, you're wrong. I'm not wrong. Every other job hunter on the planet knows that applying for a job through the applicant tracking system takes a whole lot of time and energy and gets few results. You can go apply to that one company, that's great. But what about all the others, do you want to keep applying to jobs? That's your choice.

So, I hope you found this helpful. I'll be back next week with more. I'm Jeff Altman the big game hunter. If you've got questions for me, message me at thebiggamehunter@gmail.com in the subject line, put something to the effect for Career Coach Office hours and I'll try and include you in the next week session. Also want to say if you're interested in one-on-one coaching, visit my website, thebiggamehunter.us. I've got a ton there that's going to help you, just like I've helped other people. 1000s of videos, go to jobsearchtv.com also subscribe to no BS job search advice radio and Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you listen. It's five days a week I put out content that will help you find more, work more quickly. Lastly, I hope you have a great day. Oh, forgot one thing, follow me on linkedin.com/in/thebiggamehunter. Have a terrific day and most importantly, be great. Take care.


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