Career Coach Office Hours: February 1 2022 |

Career Coach Office Hours: February 1 2022

Career Coach Office Hours: February 1 2022 |

I answer questions about your #jobsearch #hiringstaff #management #leadership #workplace issues or anything work for that matter Tuesdays and Fridays at [9:15] AM Eastern. Put your question into chat. You can also email questions to TheBigGameHunter(at) and put the phrase “Office Hours” into the subject line and I will answer it on my next show. #careercoachofficehours #careercoaching #careercoach #jobsearchtips #jobsearchadvice #interviews #hiring #managingpeople #leadershipskills


 [00:00] Intro and Coffee Toast

[03:25] Why is it so difficult to break into a role when you are clearly qualified?

[06:00] People who got decent jobs without a real formal interview, how’d it happen?

[07:47] I am looking to change careers from teaching in a public high school into a corporate position, possibly as an analyst, writer, or corporate trainer. I find suitable positions and get my foot in the door? What might be other possible positions for my skill sets? [12:58] If you get the job offer from a recruiter, how do you navigate the negotiation process?

[16:35] Can a supervisor dismiss an employee when they see their profile on LinkedIn?

[17:38] Employers – When finishing up an interview, why do you escort some of us out for?

[18:49] Do you think it’s a good idea to message the hiring manager after the interview on the company messaging portal when applying for an internal position or is it creepy?

[20:45] Why do you have to meet in person on a job interview? Why can’t you just tell your qualifications over the phone?

[22:33] if I was offered three possible positions but have not heard anything, what should be my next move?

[25:12] When applying for a job, is it better to write up a resume based on an available template or create your own one?

[26:05] Are most messages from recruiters on LinkedIn just a scam?

[26:18] How should a young leader lead a team of mostly senior members/those who are above par in knowledge by comparison?

[31:49] Do all company recruiters have a special source of information on a candidate’s background that candidates don’t know about?

[32:53] Why does HR auto decline job applications, even though the applicant is well overqualified? Are they just looking for some keywords?

[35:01] Outro and how to reach me for more

You may find my answer to “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Productive Change at a Company” helpful.

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hi it's jeff altman the big game hunter
and welcome to
career coach office hours for february
i spend time twice weekly on tuesdays at
9 15 a.m eastern and fridays at 9 15 a.m
answering questions from people about
job search hiring more effectively
management leadership
dealing with workplace issues
and if you have a question for me you
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let me just show you this
please put your questions about job
search hiring better management
leadership or asking for advice
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the chat or in advance of the show you
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thebiggamehunter at
in the subject line put the phrase
office hours it helps me
because it helps me organize in advance
and you'll discover today i answer a lot
of questions from folks that are sent to
i also want to mention that if you visit
my website
what you can also do is find out about
my books and guides the job hunting
schedule time for a free discovery call
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in my blog i've got more than 12 000
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about my books and guides the job search i see this word wrapped
because it wound up on two separate
on youtube i've got more than 7000
videos there
no bs job search advice radio is the
number one podcast in apple podcast for
job search
more than 2 300 episodes over more than
11 years
i try to help people land in new roles
and perform well there
so the longer the short of it is twice
weekly i do this
where i answer questions from people and
my day started early 8 a.m dermatology
appointment had two spots blasted on my
and hence i'm wearing the hat today
i always i often wear that
but no matter uh two spots blasted back
in time
and um
all is good
nothing serious
now i always start off the show with a
coffee toast
coffee toast and i'll start off by
saying here's to those of you
who you know basically
jeffrey i'll get i'll get to that in
just one second i'll do the toast and
then come to you okay
so here's to those of you who put in a
big effort who try hard who care about
what you do and aren't rewarded
compensated or treated fairly by your
organizations and yet you still keep
plugging and you still keep trying
good for you and i want to toast you
this morning as a way of acknowledging
your effort because you're trying to
play big in the world and your
organization's trying to keep you
controlled and constrained
so i already have one question in chat
that i haven't had a chance to look at
let's see what it says
why is it so difficult to break into
a role where you're clearly qualified so
i just want to make sure
i understand the question
is it within an existing organization
or a new organization because it does
make a difference in how i address this
if this is
about you being a rookie
breaking into the field that's a little
bit different than if you're someone
who's working in one line of work and
making a career change so let's just
start off with rookie
and perhaps jeffrey you'll clarify this
for me uh as i start talking
so as a rookie it's hard to break in
because you're competing with more
experienced people and they just don't
know what you're capable of it's really
that simple the result winds up being
they start holding out for experienced
people and unless they've budgeted for
they're less interested
now if you're trying to do a career
transition within an organization
or to step into a new type of role
within a firm
they got you boxed in and they like to
think of you in that box you've solved a
problem for them and giving you a chance
at something new
you know frankly
that's risk for them
and your new boss your old boss has to
replace you to boot
she or he has already determined you're
and then from there on the new side the
new hire hiring manager
uh is reluctant because they don't know
really what you're capable of in the new
type of role if it's for a new
much the same thing applies
someone has to give you a chance and
the cost of hiring you given the fact
that you have experience may make it
expensive for them to choose to do that
they may be able to hire pure rookies
rather than an experienced person doing
a career transition who's unwilling to
be flexible about compensation so i
didn't get any clarification i hope this
is helpful to you and if you have more
again as always
please put your questions about job
search hiring better management
leadership or dealing with a workplace
uh into chat okay
let's go to some of the questions that
were sent to me in advance of the show
i'm just making sure there's nothing
else there
people who got decent jobs without a
real formal interview how'd that happen
there's two ways that come to mind
number one is
you know there's bulk hiring going on
people get hired because they need to
take on 30 people and have them start on
monday they are commodity jobs
all they care about is you can spell the
technology or spell the experience that
you're going to need and that you act
responsibly when you're on board to give
you an example
in new york when they were hiring
contact tracers
well the only qualification you needed
is taking an online course from johns
hopkins and passing a test and then from
there a contracting agency would hire
you and pay an hourly rate for you to do
contact tracing
no real interview the only qualification
necessary was passing the test
there are other scenarios where i know
when i did recruiting there were firms
that hired individuals
you know we need someone to start
training on saturday it's thursday
afternoon can you get 10 people to our
and the roles were all good but you know
fundamentally it wound up being you know
commodity hires so
um that's how it happens no interview
necessary just show up uh they were on
my payroll rather the employee's payroll
employer's payroll let's see what kent
had to say
i'm looking to shift careers from
teaching in a public high school into a
corporate position possibly as an
analyst writer or trainer
how do i find suitable positions to get
my foot in the door
what other positions might be a match
for my skill set
so i don't know what kind of teaching
you've done
because that has an effect
i'm saying analyst writer or trainer
so there are firms that are looking for
training professionals that you
obviously have experience with
and linkedin has an article today
about uh how teachers are becoming well
sought after
so the article let's see now if i can
spot it quickly
quitting teachers are in high demand and
i'm going to put that link into chat
because i happen to notice that earlier
in the day
share it with you that way so this way
you have an idea of of uh the article so
you can come come read it and get some
advice there
if you had a background in math perhaps
a quantitative role if you have a an
advanced degree that suggests a
different type of role
there's a service i recommend that gives
people ideas of careers
it's called career fitter
and again i'm going to put that into ch
first i'm going to show that link
that i provided there
to kent
and then from there
i mentioned that there's a service
called career fitter
i have a link i'll put a link to it in
the show notes where i recommend people
take the premium test
and then
bear with me for a second ken
they take the premium test
and from there what they're able to do
is get recommendations from
a career fit or about and get some ideas
about what you might be able to do
professionally that fits your
skills so
this is an affiliate link i want to
acknowledge that
and all you have to do is go there
there's a premium test there's the free
test the free test doesn't make
recommendations but i found this
particular service is really quite good
uh in terms of things that you can do
with an english degree
yearbook newspaper
chemistry it's pretty divergent
that what
kent is sharing with me
i'm not sure that anyone's going to care
about yearbook or newspaper these days
you know
yes in theory you could go to a
newspaper and try and get a job there
but newspapers were dying industry
a look for
in terms of taking care of those
you know you got to look at it from the
standpoint of what's the market like
these days and i i don't know your age
because that's a factor as well when you
get to be my age you don't care
because you only have a certain number
of years left assuming that you're
you have to think of what's the next
five ten years like and what skills can
i learn
that will help me adapt in new roles
chemistry in all sciences
i'm getting the idea kent that you're
uh you might be a sub in the school
system maybe you aren't
um when i hear when i read such a
diverse background it suggests to me
something a little bit different so i
just want to make sure
i give you decent advice and i don't
have it today specifically for you
the process i would engage in though is
to talk to people
like yourself who've done transitions
out of education now i know i did a
podcast interview with someone
and it was the idea of breaking out of
education i'll try and send you a
private message since i don't want to go
looking for the title the show or the
link to it uh right now while i'm doing
but um it will be
it will give you advice
her name is i want to say kitty boynton
if you go to my website the big game
and go to the blog
and do a search there you'll find the
video and perhaps the podcast
that i did with kitty
who talks about career transitions
specifically for teachers
so that's a launch point come back to me
if you need more advice okay
if you get the job offer from a
how do you navigate the negotiation
process i love that
because good for you you're not just
going to simply accept
take it or leave it
from the third party recruiter so i'm
just being clear third party recruiter
is probably what they're suggesting
rather than the corporate recruiter
so the third-party recruiter is trying
to earn a fee
and thus they're going to try and push
you into the job now the first thing i
want to say is you have to decide if
you're willing to walk away from the
offer that they've made or you just want
to get it a little bit higher
a little bit higher i'm going to send
you to my video the single best question
to ask
i'm sorry um
the easiest way to negotiate a higher
salary for yourself
again on youtube and at my website in
the blog again the easiest way to
negotiate a higher salary for yourself
watch that video it works with
recruiters it works
third-party recruiters and corporate
recruiters it also works with hiring
the idea is to use silence for your
and it could be something as simple
as they make the offer
and you go
notice i had paused there and a sound
that didn't really say much of anything
except for my tone of voice
they immediately know there's a problem
if it's a third-party recruiter they're
panicking that they're going to lose the
uh and
you know i'll simply say watch the video
it will help with negotiating with
recruiters there's also the second
easiest way but
you know i always work with the
assumption that most job hunters don't
want to lose the deal they don't want to
lose the job what they're trying to do
get it higher
if it's about the job you say
you have some questions about the job
ask the third party or corporate
recruiter to schedule a 15-minute
conversation for you with the hiring
so this way you can get your questions
answered if it's about the money
or the benefits
the easiest
the easiest way to negotiate a higher
salary for yourself will help you move
up the numbers so that in this way
perhaps they increase the offer
because often they just want to close it
they'll up the offer a little bit
it doesn't matter whether it's third
party or corporate
third parties may try and get you
to accept an employee referral bonus or
some sort of
payment from them
i'm not going to encourage you to do or
not do
i'm just going to simply point out
that's a one-time payment
and next year your salary is still
it's going to be based upon the salary
from the employer so
no easy answer to this but when all is
said and done
usually you can get an agency recruiter
to get their client to up the offer
because they're afraid of losing the fee
associated with you joining
can a supervisor dismiss an employee
when they see their profile on linkedin
their profile on linkedin doesn't mean
they have a profile on linkedin i'm sure
as well so why would they dismiss you or
fire you
when they're doing the exact same thing
and i also want to say
in most states in the united states
you're an at-will employee
they can fire you for any reason
whatsoever because you're employed
at will
at will means at their discretion they
don't need you they let you go
can they do it yes
should they do it no
because they are someone who has a
profile on linkedin too look up the
profile look up their name on linkedin
take a look at their profile you'll see
what i mean
a question that someone asked of
when finishing up an interview why do
you escort some of us out
that's pretty easy
number one is they want to make sure you
get to the front door without
interrupting their people and going hi
how's it like working here
or you know theft does occur
and it's also a more casual opportunity
to chat with you
and make personal connection
the interview is
your guard may be down and the result
winds up being
you're more willing to be more revealing
with the result being you may share
something inappropriate
that allows them to go boy i touched a
bullet on that one
so i'm going to pause here and go
if you have a question about job search
hiring better management leadership or
want some advice about a particular
workplace issue
put your question into chat i'd be very
happy to answer it
here we go another question
do you think it's a good idea to message
the hiring manager after the interview
on the company messaging portal when
implying for an internal position
or is it creepy
it's not creepy now if you're doing it
you know 12 times in a week that's
obnoxious not creepy
you know you're an employee you've
interviewed for a position
and you wait a couple of days now you
should have in the interview ask them
when you might hear about next steps in
the process
and whatever they say you could follow
up by saying let's say it was monday so
if i haven't heard from you by wednesday
thursday is it okay if i follow up with
and that would give you a sense of when
to follow up so that this way you're not
being obnoxious or putting them in the
position of feeling like you're doing
anything other than following up like
you were discussed with them
so is it
wrong to follow up with them absolutely
you can say something to the effect of i
just want to want to know how interested
i am in the role i look forward to next
steps do you have any more questions for
me that i could address
obviously i could answer it in the
portal or we could schedule a quick call
or zoom or video session and i could
address your questions
but whatever it is
no it's not creepy just don't do it all
the time if they don't respond be
don't just immediately the next day go
hey didn't get back to me
they know what they're doing they're not
ready to get back to you
so it's okay to do it just don't be
obnoxious about it
why do you have to meet in person on a
job interview
why can't you just tell your
qualifications over the phone
i i made a sound there
not everyone is honest
i'm not questioning this person's
but others
may not be honest hey look there was a
guy who did a video uh it was a video
and he was a technologist and he had his
uh someone else answer all the technical
questions and he was mouthing something
but the answers were not in sync with
what the answer was so you're watching a
um doing like a foreign movie with the
answers dubbed in english and the result
winds up being
it was very clear to the interviewer
that this person
wasn't answering the questions
on phone interviews
who's to say that this person answering
the question isn't the candidate
they might not be
unless firms want to see you in person
to confirm that you can answer questions
that you don't look like a sociopath or
act like one in person
they just want to make sure that you're
normal and can get along with their
people they also want to introduce their
people to you
uh so
there's a lot of reasons but it all
starts off with
people lie
i i'm not saying you but people do lie
and they want to avoid getting trapped
by someone who does lie
now jeffrey came back and he added in
if i was offered three possible
positions but haven't heard anything
what should be my next move
now when you say offer three possible
salary offer job offer like
three positions to interview for i'm not
three possible positions
maybe you need to interview four of them
to get an idea of what would be expected
of you
if it's
you actually have offers
where i start off with people
is helping them identify their north
and that is asking this question
what's most important to you in the next
job or organization
what will you need to see you're here to
believe it's a good choice for you so if
you actually have an offer the idea is
match up against the job description
and see how this fits what it is you
really want
in the next job or organization
once you have that what you're able to
is to get an idea of how these three
positions match
that will be your guide to making the
right choice
so that you're not
manipulated into something that doesn't
make sense for you
remember if you're working through
agency recruiters or even corporate
recruiters they're all going to say this
is a great job with a terrific we're a
terrific organization this hiring
manager is fabulous
what's it going to take to bring on
board and the real question comes down
they're talking money
but you need to think about all the
other variables too
role responsibilities expectations
career pathing
what future can come out of this for you
a lot of things to consider so come back
to that question what's most important
to you in the next job organization
what will you need to see or hear to
believe it's a good choice for you and
once you have that
prioritize your answer with one being
the most important and whatever the
total number is is the least important
and focus in on the top four or five and
see how these positions match up
so that's how you address three offers
and let's go to the next question
when applying for a job is it better to
write up a resume based upon an
available template or create your own
i'm not a
liker of templates
and the reason is most of them contain
that is pre-programmed boxes that you're
putting information into that some
applicant tracking systems struggle with
so no one is going to manually input
your resume
the idea is find a template that you
like and copy it
and don't use boxes
or pre-programmed boxes just follow the
and that will work fine
are most messages from recruiters on
linkedin just a scam
no there's nothing in it for them
as a recruiter to scam you
what they're trying to do is fill a job
and they're sending a message to you
let's say they saw your profile or they
did a search using linkedin recruiter
which is the linkedin product that is
sold to corporate and third-party
recruiters that allows them to
search the entire database so they do a
keyword search they do
a certain amount of experience search
let's say it's zero to one year of
experience two to five
five to
10 to 15
15 or more becomes the experience that
they're able to search for
degree or no degree geographic area
there's lots of criteria
in linkedin recruiter that they're able
search by
and thus they're messaging you because
they have a position they're trying to
fill that will allow them to make a lot
of money in the way of the fee
so just recognize that
it's not a scam
they're not getting back to you because
you may not have impressed them
or number two you're not actually
qualified they don't have to look at
your profile to message you in linkedin
recruiter you're just a search result
they fit these parameters and they may
have just messaged you directly
i always tell people be courteous and
respond back
the reason is
linkedin will charge them if you don't
reply within 90 days
it will cost them one in mail
if you reply back it is credited back to
their account so give them the courtesy
of replying back
it will serve you and will help them
oh i like this one
how should a young leader
lead a team of mostly
senior members
those who are above par in knowledge
by comparison
well it starts off with when you got
this assignment what were you told about
the team
what's your role
now are you a leader
or a manager
i suspect a manager
you could also be an associate who's
coordinating information reporting to a
real manager i don't know for a fact
but how do you lead people
people want to be encouraged they also
need to be monitored
i think it was former president nixon
who coined the phrase trust but verify
more experienced people sometimes are
dismissive of younger individuals
and thus
if they're not giving you data that you
need you meet with them privately and
say hey look help me help you
why is that you know i'm not getting
what i need in a timely way
and i need this for reporting purposes
i don't think you want me to escalate
this just give me what i mean what you
know you're supposed to give me
and this way
i'm able to keep people
out of your hair
you know can provide management with the
information they need
if you are legitimately managing
schedule regular huddles with them get
together with them talk with them about
what resistance they're running into
institutionally and what you can do to
help them support them in getting things
but i need to know a lot more to be able
to guide you
including how much experience you have
so i'm going to put it into chat again
and say if you have a question about job
hiring better management leadership or
asking for
advice on a workplace issue put that
into chat
so i can address it
visit my website to schedule time for a
discovery call a coaching session
to visit my blog which has more than
twelve thousand searchable posts
find out about my courses books and
also i'm going to encourage you
my youtube channel at
also it's also on amazon
but i also have
it has more than seven thousand videos
on youtube at this point
my podcast is number one in apple
podcasts for job search
2300 plus episodes over more than 11
years on spotify it's available as a
video podcast on the other platforms
it's purely audio
subscribe i
hope you get some advice that's helpful
to you there as well as uh on this show
i have more questions
but i'm only going to answer two more
and then come back to these some more on
friday or to the ones i didn't answer
i'll start the show with those as well
as any questions that come in through
did all
do all company recruiters have a special
source of information on a candidate's
that employees don't know about
the secret repository of all candidate
the answer is
remember you may have applied and
interviewed with the company before
they may have an employee who worked at
your firm before who they can check with
about your performance at that firm
is there secret information that no one
knows about
you know if there's someone who you've
worked with who's working at that
that's information that they can come
they can contact this person and ask
them about you
so the law and the short of it is a
formal repository of information
ways that they can find out about your
back channel
last question for today
unless someone puts something into check
why does hr order auto decline job
even though
the applicant is well overqualified
are they just looking for some keywords
if you're really overqualified which
most people aren't but let's assume that
you are for a second you may be
overqualified and they're thinking
you're too expensive for them
so i'll give an example the person who
applies for the manager job who's a vp
and a competitor
they know what you're earning they're
not going to waste their time
interviewing you for something two
levels down from where you are because
they're not going to pay you enough to
get you to join you may be making over
200 000 and their job is paying 130 to
that's about
you know discernment on their part that
they don't want to waste their time
and thus
let's go to the over-qualified comment
over-qualified means too senior
to senior equals too expensive
they can't afford you
it's kind of like in dating when you go
out with a person who's quote out of
your league
you wind up in situations that you can't
well it's going to be the same thing for
them they feel like they're wasting
their time if they interview someone
who's too senior and thus over qualified
what's the point of doing that just
because you want to take an interview
and feel good and say it turned out an
opportunity with so and so firm
that's like there's nothing in it for
that's more about you and your ego
and feeling good about saying no to a
lower level opportunity
they're being proactive and saying i
don't want to waste my time with you so
unless you have more questions for chat
i'm going to simply say i hope you found
this helpful i'm back friday at 9 15 a.m
with more that's 9 15 a.m eastern i'm
jeff altman the big game hunter visit my
website the big game hunter dot u s
where i have a ton in the blog that you
can watch listen she will read that'll
help you find work more quickly
in addition you can schedule time for
free discovery call a coaching session
find about my courses books and guides
there's a whole lot at the website to
help you
it all i also encourage you visit on youtube and my and
subscribe to my podcast no bs job search
advice radio
that's 2300 plus episodes
in the on the podcast
more than 7 000 videos on the youtube
channel there's a lot there to help you
with that question
i'll also mention
sorry i got distracted by something i
connect with me on linkedin at forward slash high end
forward slash the big game hunter i'll
be back friday at 9 15 a.m eastern with
more i'm jeff altman have a terrific day
and be great
take care


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