Career Coach Office Hours December 17 2021 |

Career Coach Office Hours December 17 2021 |

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Today’s questions are:

What am I supposed to put when a job application asks for my “salary expectations”?

What do you do when a leader doesn’t listen?

In a job interview, what is a good answer to “why do you want to leave your current job”?

Should a candidate approach an executive search firm?

Should I take a new job when I wasn’t looking for one?

I went for a job interview over a week ago and have not heard anything. I forgot to ask what their timeline for the job was. Does this mean I probably didn’t get the job?

How do I negotiate for more vacation time?

Had a job interview, I was so nervous that my voice was shaking, and could not give good answers to questions. They said they’d call me for a 2nd interview. I have the profile for this job, but can my lack of stress management make them think I don’t?

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hi it's jeff alpin the big game hunter
and welcome to
career coach office hours for december
twice a week i feel questions or reply
to questions from
viewers and talk with you about job
search hiring more effectively
management leadership and different
workplace related issues
i take questions via email at
in the subject line put the phrase
office hours so this way i can spot what
it's about and
retrieve it when i need it also
on the day of the show you can put a
message into chat
see it says put a message into chat
whether you're on youtube facebook live
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so again
if you have a question for me put it in
chat i'd love to help you
and i have a number of questions i
received i'm going to be back on tuesday
i think i'll do a friday show on the
24th but i'll figure that out by tuesday
tuesday at 9 15
fridays at 9 00 a.m
i hope to be able to help you
and i'll also say
no bs job search advice radio which is
my podcast has been on for 11 years 2200
if you happen to be a listener to the
i'm going to take a break beginning on
the 23rd until january 3rd
so no shows no news shows during that
but it's a five day a week podcast
normally that i've been doing for 11
years i can take a few days off during
christmas right
so with that let me go to the first
question i have and again if you have
one for me just put it into chat i'd be
happy to respond to it okay
question number one what am i
what am i supposed to
put on an application
when it asks for my salary expectations
i suspect you know what the term salary
expectations are means right
so when you see that they're trying to
get an idea of what you're looking for
in the way of money but i don't know i
want to get as much as i can
that leaves you in the position of
putting a range and i'm always hesitant
because first of all i hate the idea
that you're applying for a job through
an applicant tracking system
it's called the black hole for a reason
right so why would you be doing that
but you are doing it that's why i'm
responding to this question that
if you could get to the hiring manager
or be be referred by someone you'd have
an idea of the range for the position
so for now you would indicate
uh on the application
what you actually are looking for which
requires you to make a choice
about what the range is
and then from there
in the body of the message you might
indicate you know i indicated that i had
an expectation of this or that but all i
have is the job description to go on
i haven't spoken to the hiring manager i
haven't spoken to the team don't have a
real idea of what the role and
responsibilities are other than what's
in the job description
which is rarely completely accurate so
i've put in a range
you know i may be flexible on the
downside but i may also be flexible on
the upside
so that don't hold me to that number
let's talk about it as during the
interviews and what you're trying to do
is indicate
okay you wanted a number i gave you a
number but
don't consider that the real number
got it so you got to give them something
because it's usually a required field on
and once you're doing that
you gotta hedge it in some way so this
way they're not treating this as an
let's go to the next question
what do i do when a leader doesn't
i wish there was an example of how they
didn't listen
so i'll just simply say
when leaders don't listen
they may be preoccupied the question
comes down to is this a habit on their
part that they don't listen
are they
listening but can't do what they're
being asked to do
so they really are listening but
ignoring it
listening but ignoring
what i would do is have a private
conversation with my boss and say
you know
there's a situation recently where you
missed on something
you know someone said this
and it's as though it went in one ear
and out the other
and um
it seemed like you didn't get their
point didn't hear it what have you
so i just wanted to check
was that a choice on your part where you
knew that couldn't be done or
did you just miss that
because most people who make it to a
manager level and above do listen
but they're pulled in lots of different
directions and they have lots of
and they may not be completely in sync
with yours so check in with them about
whether in that situation or in other
they were just in la la land and not
really listening
or they did listen or they ch and they
chose to ignore
why they chose to ignore less
confrontational but ask them about that
i'm curious what prompted you to choose
to ignore that
and learn from them
and consider an opportunity
to add to your
management tool belt a technique that
may be helpful to you at times like i'm
not a believer in ignoring people all
the time but on occasion just because
someone asked for something doesn't mean
that they really need to have it
addressed sometimes you should ignore it
because it's pretty dumb
or it's not possible and you don't want
to offend them in some way but you've
got to have a conversation with your
boss to really understand
what was going on for them
if they missed on something if they have
a bad habit of not listening
you know help them don't be
confrontational about it help them with
that so this way they may treat you as
an ally in their development
rather than a pain in the rear
as some people might
in a job interview what is a good answer
to why do you want to leave your current
let me start off with bad answers
i want to make a lot more money
not a good answer
i hate my boss
not a good answer i'm being treated
badly there
you can't leave it at that
you gotta you know elaborate and really
talk about what's going on that's
so to me a better answer is you know
i've been doing the same thing since i
joined and it doesn't look like there's
going to be any opportunities for for me
to learn or grow i like the team like my
manager nice people i enjoy working
there but
it's still a job and i want to do
interesting stuff i've been there for
four years two years
eight months whatever it is
i expected by now i'd be doing something
because that's what they told me
i wouldn't just be doing this for the
rest of my life
i'd be doing i'd be learning new things
and doing new things
but that isn't the way it's materialized
so i'm looking in order to
get some interesting work and not be you
know do the same repetitive tasks over
and over again and if they turn around
to you and say
our work is pretty repetitive too you
have the ability to say it's different
repetitive work
which lets them know that initially
you're okay but
then from there you explore
and is that what all the job is for the
next 20 years of my life oh no you'll
learn new things like what what sort of
rotational opportunities
exist well it depends on your
performance of course it depends on my
performance but some organizations are
very happy to have a problem solved and
never think about it again because
someone does a good job
and they don't really promote because
the problem is solved with this person
i don't want to be so indispensable in a
job that i don't have promotional
opportunities and that because i'm very
i'm being passed over for new things
so again it becomes an opportunity for
so that in this way
you're not focusing it on i hate my boss
the money's terrible
nonsense along those lines you're
focusing on something work related
and can get into a conversation to
understand what the role is now if
you've moved that's a different scenario
where you can talk about you know since
the time i went to work for this firm
i've relocated i'm now two and a half
hours away well why did you move two and
a half hours away
it's what was affordable for me i'm not
making a lot of money and i bought a
house or we moved to an apartment in an
area that i could afford
the commute is too long i knew that
right away
and thus i'm looking for something
closer to home
got it so talk about the realities of
your situation enter into conversations
you'll get a closer feel for your future
boss and it'll help you help you with
decisions about these jobs
i just want to remind anyone who's
lurking that if you've got a question
for me put it into chat i'd be very
happy to answer it after the show you
can always email me at thegamehunter at and the subject line put the
phrase office hours this way i know what
it's about i can respond to it after the
show or on the next show i should say
okay here's the next question
looks like most of my questions today
other than that one about leaders not
listening are about job search okay
should a candidate approach an executive
search firm
usually when someone asks this question
they're not really talking about an
executive search firm they're talking
about a contingency recruiter who's
saying we do executive search and
they're trying to puff themselves up and
they're not really an executive search
so for a firm that does contingency
recruiting by all means approach them if
you're referred to someone there
name drop the person who recommended you
you know very simply
reach out
have a conversation see what they have
available network your way to competent
real executive search firms rarely want
to hear from you
now there are exceptions but if you're
at the level that i think you are they
certainly don't want to hear from you
you're way too genuine for them they're
looking for
executive leaders that's what they're
hired to locate they're not there to
find staff
people jobs they fill positions at an
executive level
different firms and as such approaching
them is a waste of time what you want to
do is to build your reputation
and build your presence
through writing speaking
interviews that you do things along
those lines so they can discover you
have a great linkedin profile that
represents what it is you do because
many of them use linkedin as for basic
research and then do google in order to
go in deeper as to your credentials
but fundamentally if you are at a staff
level don't waste your time unless
you're contacting a contingency
recruiting firm
and if you're contacting executive
search firm you're also probably wasting
your time because the reality is they're
in the business of filling jobs
contingency firms are too but they're
open to having conversations with people
but executive search firms
are hired to fill particular positions
they are paid in advance and at the time
of presentation of
a short list of candidates
and then upon conclusion
most of the time they don't want to hear
from hear from civilians they don't want
to receive unsolicited resumes it is
spam to them don't waste your time
another question from someone is
should i take a new job when i wasn't
looking for one
i shake my head when i see stuff like
this because
you know the the only way to answer this
is to say only if the job makes sense
for you and the fact that you weren't
looking for a job is irrelevant to the
if you want to get ahead
people get ahead by being alert
that doesn't just happen when they're
actively looking for a job
opportunities i'm going to do a little
joke here ready
that was opportunity knocking would you
answer the door for it if it knocked
i'm being cute here but the goal is when
an opportunity presents itself to you
that makes sense
you act on it if it doesn't make sense
don't act on it
don't be an employee
who's passive
you're in charge of your career if
you're not interested in changing jobs
that's okay
and listen to what people say
listen to opportunities when presented
you may listen to something and decide
that doesn't make sense for me and move
on or you may hear something terrific
and decide wow that's really a great
opportunity for me
you may get an offer that may increase
your comp a lot or reduce your commute
or give you a chance to learn a lot or
work for
even better people and with even better
why wouldn't you listen to that
like i said i shake my head when i hear
questions like this
i went for a job interview over a week
ago and had not heard anything i forgot
to ask what their timeline was
for the job
does that mean i probably didn't get it
you're a junior person
oops mouse dropped sorry you're a junior
person and that's obvious so the answer
is it doesn't mean anything other than
we're ready to get back to you send them
an email send the person you were in
conversations with an email that says
very simply
what would you i haven't heard from you
since my interview on the fill in the
blank date
i want to get an idea of your timeline
for next steps
sorry if this is inconvenient uh i'll
follow your guidance
so that way that gives them a chance to
get back to you and if they don't give
get back to you the first time send them
one more message that's a forward of
this one
the subject line is are you okay
then the next one says
the message says i forwarded this
message to you probably got lost in your
again not trying to be difficult just
want to get an idea of your timeline for
next steps you'll probably get a
response back
making excuses for why they didn't get
back to you and giving you an honest
answer for their timeline
it doesn't mean that you've been ruled
out you don't know how long they have
they're planning on interviewing for
this round
next the last question how do i
negotiate for more vacation time
by negotiating for more vacation time
firms often have policy for vacation
they say two weeks for the first five
years three weeks years five through ten
whatever it is
and the way to negotiate is to negotiate
i'm looking for for an increase in the
va we can't give you an increase this is
a company-wide policy
you know could i would you be a little
flexible if i
did a few extra days from time to time
over the course of the year
instead of being
three weeks
at one time is there a way that we can
resolve this
what can you trade them
in order to get extra time
but the missing piece is you've got to
negotiate you've got to open yourself up
to things
and be prepared for a dialogue it's not
like you're going to ask for i need
three weeks and they're going to
suddenly go okay
you know again you've got to negotiate
that's the fact of it
last question for today i had a job
interview and i was so nervous that my
voice was shaking and i could not give
good answers to questions they said
they'd call me for a second interview i
have a profile for this job but can
but can my lack of stress management
make them think i don't of course
of course you didn't answer questions
and the result winds up being from their
you didn't perform so it's not
necessarily your stress management
that's the issue
it's how you performed on the interview
and that's all they have to go by so
with that could your anxiety have gotten
in the way you betcha you bet you could
have gotten in the way
and it wouldn't surprise me if it had
don't put yourself in the position of
thinking that because they said you'll
have a second interview and you haven't
heard back
and um
you know that you're off the hook
all they have to go by is your
performance at the meeting and if you
didn't show up
you probably lost the opportunity
that's the way firms conduct themselves
i know when i was doing recruiting
and was interviewing people if people
didn't show up in the interview for me i
thought to myself how are they going to
show up with my client i'm easy
all i care about is have they done this
job and you know are they someone who i
feel comfortable representing to this
employers are even tighter
they have a cons you know they're the
immediate buyer they want to know that
you have the skills and requirements for
the position and if you don't
if you didn't show it at the interview
the fact that you were nervous is the
least of it
when people tell me nervous
it gives me the idea that they didn't
execute and they didn't show themselves
professionally well
so you probably lost this as the reality
to it
i'm jeff altman this is career coach
office hours for december 17 2021
hope you enjoyed today's show if you
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have a terrific day and most importantly
be great
take care


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