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I think this person is confused about the difference between a “headhunter” and a “recruiter.”

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Can headhunters find me a job? I think you’re confused about what a headhunter is. I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m a career and leadership coach, a former recruiter. And I’ll simply say, what a headhunter is, is a retained professional, who’s hired by a company to locate senior level talent. The confusion comes because there are contingency recruiters who call themselves headhunters, who trade on the reputation of the real executive recruiters, the real headhunters that try to create the aura as though they’re one of them. They aren’t.

Even so, neither headhunters nor contingency recruiters go out to find you a job. What they do is they are hired by a company to fill a job. And will reach out to people who they think might be qualified, or to people who could point them to people who they think might be qualified, so that they can fill that job and get paid. As a result, the statistical probability is they’re not going to go out and find you a job. They’re not going to do this mass blast email, or mass text to their clients and go, “I’ve got this terrific person you got to talk with, they are wonderful. Oh, don’t need anyone,” and go on to the next blast. Doesn’t work that that way.

They don’t work for you, except incidentally. They work for a company that’s going to pay them, and particularly with headhunters, the people who fill the senior level positions in organizations, they don’t really work for individuals. They’re there to fill a job the client has hired and pre paid them to fill. So maybe. Very unlikely. And it would only be by accident.

So remember, recruiters, headhunters work for a company. They don’t work for you. Everything is tainted by the fact that they’re employed by a company, and you’re not paying them anything. And they’re only paid if you join their company, go to work there and stay for a particular period of time.

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