EP 1009 I received a cover letter and resume from someone that exuded such bravado . . . a signal that the person is not qualified for the job they applied for.  Make your case.

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I received an email from someone with a resume applying for a job heading up a function for major American firm.  I described the size of the firm in the job description and I received this note, "I am ready, trained and prepared to begin for the risk... Role.  Please find my resume and cover letter below."

When I post a position. I am very clear about what my client is looking for the way of experience.  I don't want to scream people out, but I'm required to do that because my client will not call me will never talk to me again if I waste her time.  That's the nature of what recruiter dollars. Where the filter, the head of the client where we are paid for evaluating, assessing and referring individuals who they want to hire who they ultimately hire and then they pay us.  You are obligated to work there for certain period of time after all this happens so that we earn their fee.

So, I received this resume for this have a function and I receive a resume of someone who has a degree (that's good), and Associates before that. He talks about then asked for team-building experience and that he has worked as a designer and business manager for a firm that does content design, video planning. He does budgeting, planning, scheduling and other stuff for the past 2+ years.

Let's get practical for a second.

I told you that this was a role heading up a function for a major American corporation.  This person entitles themselves as, "designer and business manager."  Not exactly a fit so far from what little I've told you about the job.  It doesn't sound that way to you, right?  It doesn't sound that way to me either.

I'll simply say that as the teaching piece here, make a case for your candidacy.  The bravado assertion is the 1st single to me as a reader that this person is not qualified.  People who actually are. Never talk that way.  They always speak in an understated, self-assured manner, not with that sort of BS bravado that says, "hey, I can do that job.  I'm trained."  It is never that way.

I've only done this for more than 40 years. I've never seen anyone who has acted that way pull it off.

I just want to discourage you from doing this kind of crap because it just shows badly on you. At the end of the day I pop open the resume, I see it, and hit delete.  What was the point??

Again, make your case in your resume, not with bravado but with facts.  Make your resume demonstrate how your background fits the requirements of the job as well as the functionality of the position that the firm is going to have you do.

For example, if you see a job description that says, "Requirements," that's a tip off!  This is what the firm is looking for.  That's what I am looking for on behalf of the client.  If it talks about, ", Responsibilities," a, there is another tip off!  Where you have perform the functions of the role already, but it in your resume!  Where you haven't don't whine.

Lying eventually (like in the 1st 5 minutes of the conversation) will be exposed.  Worse yet, if you are hired, you will be fired when the. Is that what you want?  Of course not.

"No BS."  should be your mantra.  Be factual. Be powerful.  Be accurate.  Be direct.  Just don't try BS-ing.  It will always come back and haunt you.

This person needs coaching from me and I created a site called JobSearchCoachingHQ.com with advice for job hunters good anywhere in the English-speaking world.  We'll talk with you about starting your search, writing a resume, marketing yourself, interviewing tough interview and then preparing for them.  It will talk about using LinkedIn effectively.  Salary negotiation – – you don't know how to negotiate salary and I have ways that go from very gentle to what are referred to as, "ball breaker techniques."  They will help you get more money out of the firm. They don't always work, and you may not be capable of doing one or the other or all the ones in the middle. But there is advice there.  In addition, you can ask me questions that will help you with your job search.

Again, the site is JobSearchCoachingHQ.com.  Very inexpensive.  It's the price of 2 hardcover books in order to be able to ask me questions and get access to great information that will help you find work more quickly.


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