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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Resumes are so 1970s. You need to think bigger than that. Here’s why and how.


Hi! I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. And people hire me for no BS career advice globally.

When I started in recruiting back in The Stone Ages, resumes were the key way that you got interviews. You thought of them by the color of the paper. I know this is going to sound crazy for you, but the color of the paper, the matching envelopes, whether or not you had a letterhead on top of it, whether it was something that could be found easily in a pile of resumes. Obviously, that’s antique stuff now. But people still think in terms of their resume as a way thatphotographer people find a way that firms find candidates.

But resumes are kind of old technology. And yes, if you’re applying for jobs, they  are important, and you need to have your resume look like that which the firm is looking for. But understand resumes and the applicant tracking system only fill a certain number of positions.

And thus, understand that firms like LinkedIn are selling services to corporate and third-party recruiters to find you digitally. So it’s called LinkedIn Recruiter. And yes, people use Google to find people. And this all translates into professionally, we’re data points. We’ve got to build the digital branded footprint. And that becomes an important asset for us. Because organizations and recruiters are searching for talent on LinkedIn, and on social media. Plus, now, with the release of chatGPT, and other tools, AI and machine learning are becoming more important and being deployed to find talent profiles.

Thus, it’s important to be found in order for people to contact you. And that’s not about your resume anymore. It’s about finding your footprint online. So yes, you customize your resume to fit a job providing clarity about what it is that you do that relates to what it is that they’re looking for. But also think in terms of updating your content on social media to be consistent across LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook because employers are watching, they’re looking, they’re trying to find people, not just simply to fill a job, but to create a portfolio of candidates that they might contact at a later date.

So I hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. Visit my website, You can schedule time for paid coaching with me, and schedule a time for a free discovery call to evaluate me for coaching. You can also hire me for Trusted Advisor Services where I answer questions from you in a 30-minute session about Job Search hiring more effectively, managing and leading better, career transitions or support with a workplace issue. And at the site, you can also find out about my courses, books and guides. Again a lot of resources there to help.

Lastly, connect with me on LinkedIn at Have a terrific day and most importantly, be great!

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Jeff AltmanJeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. He is hired to provide No BS Career Advice globally. That can involve job search, hiring staff, management, leadership, career transition and advice about resolving workplace issues. Schedule a discovery call at my website,

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