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Bad Management | No BS Management Advice

Bad Management | No BS Management Advice

No one wants to be abused at work. Not you. Not your team.


I'm back with more no BS management advice to help you be more effective in your role.
My Dad used to work for a company in New York when he was still alive. He came to the United States from Eastern Europe, was a hard worker, that was very clear. He was out the door at 4:30 am to a place in the Bronx, and, initially, commuted from Brooklyn on the subway. Eventually my family, before I was born, moved to The Bronx . . . we actually moved to Manhattan and then to The Bronx so he could be out the door at 4:30 am and he, generally, would be home in the area of 7 or 7:30, sometimes, 8 pm, have a bite of dinner, fall asleep in front of the TV and repeat this five days a week. Sometimes, he would go to work on Saturday; he was a bookkeeper until later in his life. He was an employee who eventually bought the business from the son of the founder, a man who wasn't interested in running the business and kind of ran into the ground. That's a different part of the story.
When he worked for this firm, I remember times where he had his two weeks vacation, and he'd get a phone call or a message left for him at home while he was at the one day he went to the beach. He was asked to come back into work because they need him. You know, getting time off at all was a minor miracle, and he never really got it.
I think of that in the context of how employers, how managers, sometimes weaponize their work environments to create torture that drives people out the door. That wasn't my Dad's story, but we live in very different times. And these days, people have choices
So, I'll simply say, if you do stuff like that, if you talk about, this friendly collegial place where everyone pitches in as a way of subterfuge to getting people to work overtime, but if they need a couple of minutes off or need to leave early, or attend the kids game or play or something, and you're basically saying, "Sorry," that's weaponizing, that's torturing your people.
If you have no respect, like in my my Dad's situation for their personal time or their vacations, and you're calling them while they're on vacation, come on, folks! What do you think is going to happen? Eventually, you're going to drive them out the door, especially if you don't listen to them during their time in.
The fact is there are a lot of managers who rule with a smile but they really are looking to manipulate. I hope that isn't you. But, understand, that there's an impact where you're causing employee turnover. If that's what you want, great, because you're sending the message that folks are disposable, and they get that. I'm sure that really isn't what you want, but you're feeling a certain amount of pressure from your management, and you've got to flip it back to them and go, "I'm going to lose people. I've already lost people previously. And the impact is going to be even more crushing. Get me more headcount. We can't really deliver more."

Try that every once in a while, instead of being the cat in the story about how someone's yelled at at work, so they leave the office and they yell at the next person they meet. Let's say it's a person on their staff. That person leaves and yells at someone on the train or on their commute. That person leaves and eventually gets down to they get home and they yell at the cat. And the cat looks up and goes, "What did I do?"
Well, that's really what's going on. You've got to break the chain from above so they get the idea that there are limits to what they can pull because, otherwise, You are just another cat been kicked.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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