Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks out about the challenges many people have with asking for help in their job search.

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Today, I want to talk with you about asking for help . . . coaching . . . Getting advice. Things along those lines.

More often than not in job search, just like it is in your professional life, when it comes time to asking for help, you are either at the point of desperation or because of a partner, a spouse, a person you work with, a manager a board member . . . Someone along those line has basically told you, you need to fix something. Something isn’t working for you and you gotta get better at it.

So, in job search, most the time when I talk with people in my coaching practice, they think that asking for coaching basically translates into, “I'm going to tell them exactly where to find the job and they’re going to magically get it.” It doesn't work that way.

What you really want out of your coaching, what you really want out of asking for help is advice from someone who can challenge all your preconceived notions about what you need to do, someone who's going to argue with you at times and you can respect.

You see, one of the things that happens more often than not in job search coaching is (I will use the example of the wife who nags her husband. I know this is a stereotype, but in this particular case, stereotype is often very true). The wife nags the husband incessantly.

“You’re doing a terrible job!” I don't caricaturing women. That's how guys hear it.

“You’re doing a terrible job! You need help! Go ask this person for help!” Eventually, many people just do it to shut someone up. It's the wrong way to go into the relationship.

What you really want to do, what you will really need to do is to humbly ask yourself, “What’s not working? Why am I not getting the results I think I need, I think I want and who can I ask for advice and counsel?” I want to go one extra step and challenge you and the challenge is that, more often than not, the things we think we need our not the ones we actually need. So, that's why you need someone who can trust who can challenge your preconceived notions about how to go about finding work, how to improve in your work . . . Whatever it is you're searching coaching for, whatever you're asking for help with and be prepared to listen to them and take action.

I know it's hard because, most of us think we’re right about everything and that's exactly the wrong attitude to take. Ultimately, it comes down to something isn't working in your career, something isn’t working your job search. You need to correct that. You need to go outside your preconceived notions in order to figure out what the problem is and, maybe, you are right. But, I can tell you from experience, 95 times out of 100 people come to me for coaching are dead wrong about what the problem is.

So, I want you to hear these next words very carefully. They are said with kindness.

Shut up and listen


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