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Here are answers to 7 questions I received about giving notice.

[00:17] What is giving notice?
[00:57] What notice period do I need to give?
[01:54] Do I need to give my employer notice?
[02:21] What happens when giving notice?
[03:09] Is giving notice a legal requirement?
[03:33] Is giving notice the same as resignation?
[04:02] Do I legally have to give a month’s notice?

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Seven questions about giving notice. That’s what I’m going to cover today so that for those of you who have concerns about it, I can address these concerns. Okay?

So the first one is what is giving notice? Giving notice is the process where you notify your employer that you’re going to be leaving their employer. It’s a matter of courtesy. After all, in theory, you could just leave and the next day, they wonder, “Where is she? Where is he? You know, what happened?” They call you; they don’t know. And they’ve had no opportunity to plan for your departure. So the process of giving notice is one where you notify your employer that you will be leaving as of a particular date.

What notice period should I give? Or do I need to give? The answer is, it can be none. But that’s not giving notice that’s ghosting an employer. So what you should do is, at least in the US, give two weeks notice. If you have a contract that specifies that you need to give a longer notice, for example, in Europe, there’s longer notice periods. Well, you follow the terms in your area, and you’re part of the world and you are in your contract.

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So what notice period do you need to give? In the US, it’s a two week notice. Every once in a while, you can plead with your employer that they really need me on board in 11 days. So, I need to quit now and leave at that time to be able to start with them.

Do I need to give my employer notice, is the third question. The answer is no. But that’s rude. Because as I illustrated earlier, they don’t have opportunity to plan to see if they can find a replacement for you, without having your work dropped for them or having to push it on to other people and stretch them out and stress them out. So giving notice to your employer is a matter of courtesy.

What happens when you give notice is question number four. And that is they begin a process of replacing you and the work that you do and in hiring someone probably. And I say probably because if your firm is collapsing all around you, if it’s in financial trouble, they may not replace you. They may just push the work onto other people. But it begins the process of them finding a suitable replacement for you, and you transitioning your work to someone else, documenting it, making sure that anything that you do is codified so that the next person could do it and do it well.

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Is giving notice a legal requirement? Not that I know of, at least in the United States. Again, check in your part of the world as to whether there’s a legal requirement to give notice. I don’t believe so unless you’re in one of the communist countries, there may be but I don’t know that. And just very simply follow what the convention is in your part of the world.

Is giving notice the same as resignation? Well, you are quitting; you are resigning in this process. But, in theory, a resignation or quitting could be that day; giving them notice is notifying them (notice, “notice” and “notify) that you’re going to be departing as of a specific date. That’s the small distinction between the two.

And legally do you have to give a month’s notice? Probably not. But check what the rules are in your part of the world so that you don’t do anything harmful.

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