Don’t you want your new employee to feel comfortable with their decision to join? Here are a few simple things you can ask that will help.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people in the workplace back with more No BS Management Advice to help you be more effective. The work I do in may involve helping you manage and lead more effectively, with job search, hiring, workplace related stuff, career advancement, things along those lines.

And I spotted this on LinkedIn, I thought it was a terrific little post that someone shared Marina Montenegro, who's Space Operations Manager at Knotel (K-N-O-T-E-L) and it's the idea of what you can do to make your new hire feel more comfortable. She gave four, actually five one makes me uncomfortable because I'm old, and it's something I would get used to. So I'm going to start with the four easy ones and then go to the complicated one for me. And that's just acknowledging my stuff around this.

So the first one is is "what's the most comfortable way for you to receive feedback." And feedback is sometimes interpreted as criticism, suggestions, things you're doing wrong. So getting their okay for how it's the be best done, I think is a smart move.

What's something small that brings a smile to your face and then offer up what you enjoy. And maybe what a friend enjoys and, and the example it gives is, "for me it's a cup of tea. For a friend of mine, it's a piece of chocolate. Maybe it's a Pokemon meme, meditation, their favorite song." Find out something.

What are your passions outside of the office is the third one. And, thus, you get a personal connection with them, yet again.

Next is what is your favorite candy? I think a lot of people like candy and it comes up in the previous message about chocolate. They may say, "No, I don't eat candy. I like such and such." Again, this is all about connection and helping them feel comfortable with you and the new environment.

Last one, and this is a generational thing, "What are your pronouns?" And I think you understand that one. How does someone like to be referred to? It makes a world of difference at any age, and again, I acknowledge, I'm uncomfortable with this. It's not something in my vocabulary. It's something I'm going to experiment with.

Hope you found this helpful. My name is Jeff Altman. I'm known as The Big Game Hunter, initially stemming from my time as an executive recruiter, where I used to hunt down leaders and staff for organizations. Now I help people play their game professionally and personally big.

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No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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