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This is an atypical show from Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter where he suggests four important questions you should ask yourself when  looking at your life and your career.
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I'm going to pose a number of questions to you; my answers for myself are irrelevant but what's most important to you is waking up to some of the choices that you been making in your life and working through them so that you can start living the life and having the career that you really want. This is an atypical podcast that I think you'll find it helpful.

The 1st question to ask yourself is, "Who did you want love from as a kid?" This is in the job search question ,, but it's important question. You want love from as a kid?

The 2nd question is, "Who did you think you needed to be to get their love and affection.How did you need to behave or act in order to do this?

The 3rd question is, " Who did you think you could never be?" What kind of person?

Finally, "who are you today?" That one is a tough one.

I want to take some time to think about these questions and about asked him again just to make sure that my fumbling around as a mess things up for you.

Who did you want love from as a kid?
Would you think you need to be to get their love and affection?
Who did you think you can never be?
Who are you today?

Those are 4 questions that I think will help you get to a deep place within you to help you start working on some of the things that you can start looking at In your job, in your career and, most importantly, in your life to help you trigger some good changes.


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