From Stephanie Dennis of the Career Talk: Learn-Grow-Thrive podcast. 19 ways to get promoted (plus one I added)

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways-- job search, hiring more effectively,
managing and leading, career development, executive coaching. I help people BE
great and I was listening to a podcast called career talk that's done by bear
with me Stephanie Dennis great little show has it been she has been doing it
as long as I have her material is very good so again for real talk with
Stephanie Dennis she did a show not too long ago about tips for getting promoted
excuse me it just clicked on there and I really liked the show and I
thought I would share the material with you and encourage you to subscribe to
her show as well as mine, No BS Job Search Advice Radio. So, here are the 19
for you ready number one ask for it you got a ask sometimes number two make
your intentions known to your manager number three ask your leader for advice
and help number four set clear expectations with your boss on what you
need to do to obtain a promotion number five look and accept offers externally
and I could be external to your group it could be external fuel organization in
other words, changing jobs. Number six . Ask for feedback on a regular basis (without
sounding needy). Number seven. Learn new skills as needed. Very important item.
number eight take on more responsibility in your current role number nine it
exceed your goals / kpi's then pretend be the go-to person on your team number
eleven. Train and mentor your team members. Twelve. Track your accomplishments and
how you overcame major career or job obstacles. 13. Stay
engaged. Lord knows, employee engagement is a big
worry for organizations. Stay engaged . 14. Be positive when it's
hard. That one's a tough one for folks . Number 15.
help other people on your team is appropriate and I'm also going to remind
you don't do it to the degree to which you get out of your lane and take on
that and then neglect your own work number 16 solve complex problems with
your customers and/or team. 17. Stay away from the gossip and / or politics.
18 meet deadlines. 19. Be a person people feel comfortable talking to you and
approachable I'm going to add one more on to this list and that is make sure
that people know how good you are because that could be internal to your
organization as well as external. 

I'm Jeff Altman, hope you found this helpful
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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