10 Steps to Becoming a Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn

10 Steps to Becoming a Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where you can build your brand daily to develop the appearance of being a subject matter expert. This allows you to stand out from others and have them approach you for opportunities instead of you having to chase them as so many do. Here is how to become a subject matter expert on LinkedIn.

Build your expertise on LinkedIn
Begin by building a network of connections by doing the following. Choose 3-5 prospects and invite them to connect with you. Please write a few paragraphs introducing yourself and give them an introduction to your career and industry. Follow up with them in the appropriate time frame. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. “Let’s say you’re a career coach. I don’t care how great you are; if you have never helped anyone you invite to your LinkedIn network, you need to work to change that. Ask them to visit your page and click Follow or Connect. You need to work to change that.

Add your expertise to your profile.
Make sure that you list all of your expertise on your LinkedIn profile. This will increase the likelihood that others will find you. Even if you think you do not have enough experience, even having something will help. Emphasize your expertise to make it stand out. List interests. Make sure that you list 3-5 interests that you have. They will tell a reader where you are interested in going, so keep this in mind when doing your research. Create a LinkedIn group. You can create groups for any particular interest on LinkedIn. It is not limited to just your expertise areas. It is a way to make connections and open doors. Once you have your list of interests and your group, it is time to go out and have fun.

Share your knowledge
LinkedIn is all about sharing knowledge with others. And this is where you will help people by sharing what you know. If you aren’t a professional in your industry, this is a great way to get an edge on your competition. Look for the top people in your industry or industry topics you care about and share. The more you share, the more you will be discovered by others. Learn how to post and comment. I often see people posting content that they don’t understand. I think they just want to get likes or shares, but they don’t want to put forth any effort. They see that the content is popular, so they click like and move on.

Add knowledge to your profile.
Mention what you know. When someone sees you, they don’t have to spend much time digging into your resume or going to your company site. They can use your knowledge. I don’t mean just mention your title and employer; I mean to give an in-depth review of what your title, position, and employer means and how you are involved with your company. Showcase the answers to their questions Often, the follow-up question asked is not what you can answer but what you can do about it. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to problem solve, think creatively, work efficiently, and be disciplined. Often, with a few relevant questions, someone will be very motivated to get in touch with you. Ask a specific question. Use the questions in the form to make your first impression.

Create a LinkedIn group
Creating a LinkedIn group is the next step on your path to becoming a subject matter expert on LinkedIn. It will help your connections. It will help you find opportunities. It will help you grow your network of LinkedIn connections. The more your contacts join your group, the more likely you will be targeted for opportunities in the future. You can create a group for any topic that you are an expert in. Create a group header picture. And Once you have your group up and running, it’s time to put up your profile picture. The profile picture you choose says a lot about you and your professional brand. What is your photo saying about you, and how do you want people to see you? It says something about your passion for your work, your industry, and your career goals.

Comment on LinkedIn posts
You may already know that if you can make your audience care about you, they will follow you, and you will become relevant. Being relevant means that you comment on LinkedIn posts pertinent to the audiences you want to attract. Example: “What do you do?” Example: “I can’t believe how good your team looks!” When you comment on these posts, they make it apparent that you’re reading what other people are saying. Don’t do anything inauthentic Do not post inspirational quotes that you are unable to live. Do not take people out of context in your comments. When I am interested in your product, I want to see the data behind it. I want you to have great authority, not just the quote of it.

Join and contribute to LinkedIn conversations
Joining and contributing to LinkedIn conversations is crucial! The earlier you join the conversation, the more valuable you will become. Include video content to go along with your LinkedIn posts. Video makes you appear more personable and human, a good way to win the hearts and minds of your LinkedIn connections. Avoid cliches. It’s the short forms in these one-minute LinkedIn videos that will set you apart and make a lasting impression.

Review and endorse content
I suggest reviewing content on LinkedIn that’s already there and favorably commenting on it. This may sound like a step backward, but in my experience, I’ve seen that it has had immense impact on my business. After all, it would be best if you were standing on the shoulders of other writers. If there are strong influencers of your content already on LinkedIn, then be sure to follow them and show them your appreciation for their work. If you aren’t involved in that specific industry, you can endorse new LinkedIn authors to increase your visibility and increase the value of your page. Collaborate with influencers I also like to collaborate on content with influencers and published authors in my industry.

Write a blog post
Not everyone has the desire to write a blog post, and that’s perfectly fine. But you must start somewhere. Start with your LinkedIn profile and write something on your profile that’s relevant to your skills and experience. The key is not to write more about yourself, but instead to write about the experiences you have that will inspire others and resonate with them in a way that makes them want to read. more. LinkedIn has provided specific guidelines for crafting a post, including the 3 main takeaways: 1. Pick a theme. 2. Answer 4 questions 3. Wrap it up. 4. Follow up with a call-to-action. These will take you through the process of doing research, writing, and publishing a solid post.

It is imperative that you build your brand and share relevant content with people so that they learn about your expertise. Social media can help you get in front of people, find opportunities, and build your brand. Use these 10 steps and become a subject matter expert on LinkedIn.



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