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“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.” Who are you spending the most time with?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career coach. I help people and
organizations be more effective with staffing, job search,
managing people being more effective in the workplace overall so the title of
this asked the question of who do you surround yourself with and it comes from
an old quote from Jim Rohn who was a motivational speaker
and the quote from him starts off with you are the average of the
five people you spend the most time with and if you think about those who those
five people are what are they like because often we start to evolve
ourselves into people like those five.. Tony Robbins adds on, completely unrelated,
if we surround ourselves with people who are successful who are forward moving
who are positive who are focused on producing results who support us it'll
challenge us to be more and do more and share more if you can surround yourself
with people who will never let you settle for less than you can be you have
the greatest gift that anyone can hope for beautiful statement and I believe
it's true now when you think of your office right now who you surrounded by
what kind of people are they that's just office simple things positive negative
What kind of people are they? Who are you closest to in that office? With what are
they like positive negative 5 positive people 5 negative some combination who
nurtures you what is the space like I worked in an office some years ago where
the a/c invariably went out during the summer for days! The
building can get it fixed properly you think we were happy people
We were crabby and grouchy and it carried through even after the AC came
back on days later. It was awful! And you know, I must say in all candor say
like environment because as I learned some years ago environments tend to win
it's again part of that we all influence one another we have this manner about
our selves or a way about ourselves that we come together as groups. We create a
collective consciousness amongst ourselves and we kind of evolved into
these personality types I grew to be crabby I grew to be annoyed I grew to be
frustrated because I work with crabby and frustrated people in a place in a
physical environment that was unpleasant uncomfortable so I on
said I don't want to be this way anymore. I don't want to be involved with people
like this anymore and I moved on. When you think of your work environment, like I said, what are
the people positive or negative do they care about what they do are they going
through the motions? The tendency will be if there are people who go through the
motions they're gonna kind of wear you down
to become that kind of person. Which means between your commute and
working, for minimum eight hours a day, you're going to have a 10 hour day where you're not doing anything that
really sustains you. Is that the environment you want to be in? Wouldn't you
rather work in an environment they're really nurtures you and you it's the
best. I'm going to repeat that last part. You had four best most people don't work in
those kind of places they make excuses for but they made the choice to remain
because financially it's worthwhile they believe it's safe there are excuses that
are offered to justify a decision or they are less than who they could
possibly be your choice folks I leave it to you to decide whether that serves you
I know I've made my choices but you make yours.
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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