You have to read between the lines and notice what took place before un order to interpret this correctly. AND I provide a follow up question so you can find clarity.

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what does it mean when they say HR we'll get back to you
I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and I know you don't mean that literally
because I know you know how to put the words together. "HR will get back to
you and that's the literal thing book what does it mean
beneath that I suspect is what you're trying to find out and there's no simple
way of answering because you have to have been perceptive enough to listen to
tone of voice and the smile on their face has to be noticed or not if they
said something to the effect of "you know "HR will get back to you." That's kind of
dismissive there's no real interest there and it's just an HR communicates
it they're sparing the hiring manager from probably and I have to say probably
because there are exceptions the hiring manager could have been preoccupied at
that moment and thus they try to get back to you doesn't mean the same thing
as I eluded to before it could also mean. H I was going to get back to you and
there's the big smile on their face and the twinkle in their eyes and they've
just been 15 minutes selling to you in the period of time immediately before
that and that's basically because HR wants to be involved in HR is going to
handle their scheduling for them they may have one or two more people to talk
with but HR is going to be the communications medium because they don't
want to do it so there's nothing you can tell by the words you have to have paid
attention to the things that were said around the words in order to really know
what they intended you have to have had the courage to say does that mean you'll
probably be scheduling me back or is this a polite way of saying I'm not
really interested and and that's the really the ideal way to respond to that
kind of statement. Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman,
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a great day and be great


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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  1. AK

    I passed three interviews for a management position. First one, was a screening with an initial recruiter. Second was with the VP and a Director who would be my bosses, third interview was with two HR VPs. After the third interview, I let a week pass and followed back with the VP I met during the second interview. She responded by saying: thank you for the follow up. My colleagues from HR will be in touch with you today. Stay tuned. 😊 ‘’

    Literally with that emoji. That call from HR never came and it’s been a day already.

    1. AK

      @JobSearchTV should I follow back with the VP and tell her that I’ve never received the call from HR? It’s day 2 since that email.

    2. JobSearchTV

      @AK congratulations! They are human and make human mistakes. Try to remember tgat when you hear about someone else in a similar position. Tell them your story. It will help them. And recommend the channel to people. Good luck!

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