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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you are listening to episode 1253 of No BS Job Search Advice Radio. Welcome.And we're at the back end of the week and I'm looking forward to helping you.and today's show is about changes that you can make to your LinkedIn profile to help you get better results.
Hope you find this helpful. I hope you act on it because it's not enough to just simply listen. Got to do stuff, right? So if you're interested in my helping you, listen to the end of the show; there's information there and this isn't part of the outro that I have there is going to be there next week, but I want to remind you if you've been listening to the show this week I've introduced a new service called Career Angles.Career Angles helps you at work. Doesn't matter. If it's your current job ,your next job, information about the world of work. So, join. The first 500 people get in for free and after that it becomes a pay service. And with that let's get going.
So the question is today is today is, " what changes can I make to my LinkedIn profile to help me find a great job or just a job, in general." Now, to understand how to answer this question. I think you just need to look at how people who are looking for talent, who are trying to hire talent ,use LinkedIn.
Recruiters, whether they are corporate or third-party recruiters, are looking at LinkedIn as this huge database. So, they are doing keyword searches to find talent. They use Boolean search strings in LinkedIn Recruiter or on the main LinkedIn property in order to find talent that might be viable. then, they're inMailing or calling talent. So, step number one is your. profile has to be keyword optimized, SEO optimized, in order to be found.
So how do you do that? Number one. Start by doing searches for jobs on sites like indeed or SimplyHired. Theyare large aggregators of jobs and look for someone like yourself look for jobs there. See the descriptions and how they are written and then tailor your profile and your resume to use the speech that's being employed.
I just did an interview with an HR person named, Chris Brown, from WestCorp and he spoke about speaking the language of the group when you're interviewing. Your profile needs to use language that's commonly used in job ads because that's what people are searching for. S
o look at 15 or 20 ads and look for common patterns. Then look for the outliers and, if they are relevant, use them; if they aren't, don't worry aboutit. The core has to be in place but there is secondary stuff around it.
The line underneath your name has to be relevant for what's being sought. Your profile has to be congruent with your resume. So, if you send out your resume, there has to be commonality in terms, of dates and information there.
In your summary,you want to include your email address and phone number
In the job descriptions ,you want to have relevant information that ,again, is congruent with what firms look for.
Lastly, given that firms send inMails and they don't always make phone calls, what you want to be doing is checking your LinkedIn account twice a day. Once before lunch; once before you leave, at the latest in order to ensure that the people are reaching out to you are responded to. It's a huge mistake people make that they never checked their profiles. Once they have a job. Opportunity starts knocking on their door, and they miss out because they're never home to answer it.
Just check your profile. How long does it take on your phone to check using the LinkedIn app?
So that's today's Show. I hope you enjoyed it and if did, here are a few ways that I can help you. First of all, you can hire me to coach you throughout your job search in every way imaginable. That includes a resume and/or LinkedIn profile critique, interview preparation, helping you with a salary negotiation and/or networking, answering your questions about your job search, giving you advice about a decision you have to make once you have the offer.
We can work in 30 minute or 1 hour increments throughout your search and the easiest way to talk with me about it is by connecting with me at www.linkedin.Com /in /TheBigGameHunter. Mention that you listen to the show. I just like knowing that I'm helping folks. And, once were connected, message me that you're interested in coaching. we'lldo it a free Discovery conversation with one another.
If you're not interested in coaching and you just have a few questions, the easiest way to do it is by reaching out to me through the Magnifi app for iOS that's Magnifiwith an i or ,if you don't have an iOS device, if your Android User or you just want to call me on the phone ,do it throughPrestoExperts.com where I'm a career coach and job search expert.
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You can also take my classes on Skillshare and become a premium member using the link in the show notes and get two months for free instead of the one month that the site offers.
The last thing I want to mention to you is scheduled me for lunch! I do it at 12:30 most days. And, for now, I'm making myself available Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for lunch at 12:30 Eastern time. We'll meet over Zoom and be able to see one another .You bring something to eat or, if it's early for you, very simply bring some coffee with you will sit and talk for 45 minutes. I'll answer your questions .For $175, that's less than what I charge for comparable time for my coaching. So, again ,reach out to me through Linkedin and we'll schedule a time for lunch.
Have a great day. Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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