Tips for Job Seekers Looking to Relocate | No BS Job Search Advice

Tips for Job Seekers Looking to Relocate

Tips for Job Seekers Looking to Relocate | No BS Job Search Advice

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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What are some of the most effective policies used to create jobs?

Effective policies to create jobs: It seems that reducing taxes has a beneficial effect on job creation locally and nationally. Using a local example, when Mayoruhaul Rudy Giuliani reduced taxes on individual income and businesses, city tax revenues and jobs increased. The same seems to have also happened over the past 60 years on a national level. Each time taxes are reduced, the economy strengthens, and the government collects more revenue.

Aside from jobs, what makes a place good for job seekers?

Other than jobs, what creates a place good for job hunters is a favorable business climate that encourages businesses to stay and expand. A school is also a place where business leaders believe they are welcome. A job hunter and their family can look for good schools for continuing education, a favorable housing market (they can afford to live where they work without commuting for multiple hours), religious institutions (if relevant) and a welcoming environment for newcomers.

What would you recommend to a job seeker trying to find a more livable city?

First of all, identify what’s most important to you in a city—I live in an area where hiking is available, natural beauty, terrific restaurants, friendly people and four-season weather with few extremes. I moved here at a time when housing was more affordable than it is today. Does that location you are considering provide both that and the possibility of a job doing the work you do, or can you bring your existing job with you and work remotely?

If you work in a trade, you already know that you can find work anywhere you go. The question is, at what salary or with what working relationship (employee, subcontractor)? Lastly, there will always be surprises when you evaluate a new location. In our city, we discovered there was no good Chinese or Italian food when we moved to Asheville, NC.


To rank the best cities for jobs, MoneyGeek calculated three factors from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Zillow representing how good a city is for someone seeking jobs. The first factor is job growth and incorporates the trend in jobs created and the trend in wages. The next consideration is job competition and includes the unemployment rate as well as the overall size of the employment numbers reflecting greater absolute availability of jobs. The final factor is housing affordability, and it captures the ratio of wages over rents to indicate an area’s cost of living.

Metrics Used

  • Growth in Employment, Last 12 Months: 20% weight
  • Growth in Employment, Last 3 years: 10% weight
  • Growth in Hourly Wages, Last 12 months: 15% Weight
  • Unemployment Rate, Current: 35% Weight
  • Size of Labor Force: 10% weight
  • Monthly Wages Over Monthly Rents Ratio: 10% weight


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