A less than 60-second story about people who complain how a wise man suggested they do differently.


The Wise Man and The Complainers | Career Angles | #shorts

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I was reading an article in Brainz Magazine, that's BRAINZ Magazine, where a coach was talking about her own struggles with coaching and starting her business as a coach,. She employed a coach to support her. And the coach said, I'm just gonna read the exact line, "no one is going to find out about you if you're hiding out." And it reminded me of an old song by a band called The Kinks, you can look it up. It's called Well-Respected Man. And it talked about a man who was regular, he goes to work at nine comes home at 5:30. Takes the same train every time. He's ordinary. And he's got aspirations and perversions. And he's ordinary. And frankly, he's dull and boring.

And the point I want to make to you is most of you, I don't want to say you're dull and boring but your ordinar. You're ordinary professionally. There's very little that causes you to stand out from others. And we live in a culture where the ability to stand out is important, professionally and personally.

I'm not suggesting you become a Kardashian. We're not going to talk about that kind of standing out. But how do you become known and respected for what you do, and for who you are. And if you think he could do it by going to work at 9 and coming home at 5:30 and sitting in front of a TV set, I think you're mistaken.

So the goal for you professionally, and probably for you personally, is to become involved, to do things that allow others to know about you. Because otherwise is to have this lethargic life, this lethargic career, this being a well respected man, doing the best thing is so conservatively (and it isn't about your politics being conservative(. It's about you and the life that you live, and whether you're willing to get out of your way, and get in front of people.

Now some people are going to say, "Ahhh, What is she doing? What is he doing," because that's their life, and they want to keep you in the same box they've always known you to be in.

And I'm not saying it's easy, but done over time, taking small steps to get people to know you makes a difference. So, for example, you can find podcasters, who do shows related to what you want to be known for and you can get interviewed. You can write and publish it on LinkedIn, and share what you write with others. You can do video for YouTube, Facebook, wherever and get known for your expertise. And then people start looking and they start finding you.

Small videos, small articles, shared articles, done over the course of time allows you to be seen as different than that well respected man or woman of the song. So get o,ut there and start to establish your reputation for what you know and who you are. And I'm not talking about within your own company. That's a fine launch point. And you should be known there. But outside of your firm, outside of your immediate universe, in the other social circles you travel in so that people know, like, trust, and respect you and that you're top of mind when we're thinking of someone for a role.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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