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EP 1637 Here are rules of engagement for texting with recruiting contacts.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for That's a site with curated information that you can watch, listen to or read that will help you find work more quickly. I also have courses on Skillshare. Look me up there. By the way, if are not connected on LinkedIn, send me a connection request to

I want to talk with job hunters and employers alike about text-based recruiting because it is the next new thing. If you think about as a job hunter, you have hated getting all those emails, right? LinkedIn has been overrun by recruiters who are sending you inMails about jobs. You've started to turn those off altogether. Recruiters are looking for another way to get through to you. Thus, they have been exploring looking at new platforms to connect with you. 1 of them is text. There. Now services to drive text-based recruiting like TextRecruit which was recently acquired by icims and Canvas.

The 2 of them are forms where people can do massive average to people by text and start conversations. From their standpoint, the cool thing about these is that they can do multiple conversations concurrently. At the same time, they are able to cut through your attempts to block them most of the time and try to connect with you. The issue for you is if you are not interested, you may block a phone number that you may want in the future. That can create a problem for you. You can just delete the message, quite obviously, but, today, I wanted to address the notion of how to respond if you are contacted by text for a position or following up on a resume that has been sent.

As you know, the 1st thing is text suggests brevity. Do not go through a lengthy monologue in response to questions you are asked. Take a moment to compose your thoughts. You don't need to be instantaneous in your response people have the expectation that at least for the 1st response, if not for the 2nd or 3rd, if you said, "I'm with some folks. I'm not going to respond right away. Bear with me," you can engage and think through your answers. Brevity. Brevity in your response. Concise and to the point. If they ask you a question about your experience, they are not expecting a 400 page diatribe to come back to them, right? Brevity wherever possible.

Be to the point is the biggest thing I can say. Demonstrate a fit quickly. Don't expect that they will engage in a lengthy conversation, but I would encourage you to ask them about the job they are recruiting for before you give up a lot of information.

Modest emoji use. I want to remind you of that. This is still a business conversation and you want to use business language wherever possible. You want to minimize the use of emoji's because not everyone who is going to be texting you is going to be a contemporary of yours. Some may be significantly older than you may struggle with the emoji's that you use. You may not think it is a big deal and not think it's going to screen you out but it may.

I want to mention is both from the corporate perspective employers. . . You need to start thinking in terms of text delivery view recruiting materials. Job hunters? You need to think of how you are responding to text if you are getting them.

Brevity and start taking advantage of legs and time to suit your purposes.

I hope you found this helpful. Again, connect with me on LinkedIn at Mentioned that you saw this video. I love knowing that I've help some people. If you're interested my coaching you, I coach people during their job search and once they are on board. You can find out more at Use the tabs on the top. I'm sure you'll find me helpful.

Hope you have a great day. Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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