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Every bit of advice you get about job hunting tells you to find out your value but how to get it isn’t so easy. Friends? What do they know! Even if they are in the same field, there are little nuances that they wont pick up on . . . and how many will have the courage to tell you that you’re worth less than you think you are.

This is the easiest way.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, I coach people in organizations I'm the head coach for That coaching takes the form of job search coaching is that for all I worked in executive search for more than 40 years fill the ton of positions coaching about hiring being more effective in the workplace being a better manager or a whole host of different things.

So, again I'm Jeff Altman and I want to talk with you today
about the easiest way to establish your value in the job market because every piece of information that you read always talks about now before you go out there job hunting, you need to talk to people to find out what your real value is. Here's the problem with that. These people are your friends. They always shoot high. They're not necessarily. . . the advice is not necessarily appropriate for you and they don't have a perspective of job hunting, even if they've hired people because though a manager, even if they're individuals who you know, like, trust and respect, they just aren’t expert at this.

What you need to do is start fielding calls from recruiters. I know that sounds ridiculously easy but set yourself up to start taking calls and get a sense of what jobs they're coming to you with and at what comp level they'll come in to you.

Now, they're always going to quote a range to you. I'm going to pick low
numbers for a reason--30 to 45 thousand dollars a year. So, let's say everyone's coming to you with jobs at a certain salary range. Why do
you think they're doing that? Answer is they have clients that look for people with your background that are paying around that amount of money and that may not make you happy but that at least gives you a sense of where the market would perceive your value.

It doesn't mean you should agree to it. If anything, it's appropriate to walk away if they are, shall we say, everyone's low balling. I do want to point out that one of the other things that you can do is, in the course of conversation, when recruiters are trying to jam you into their salary number, can you take a little bit over the high end of the range?

Now, remember, from their standpoint, they're motivated because they, frankly, want to earn a commission, right? So, you want to always shoot a little bit above the high end of the range that they quote to you and they'll. . . some of them will say, “would you be a little flexible?"

"Yeah, for now, I can say I'll be flexible but if I see the organization and the job and I'm not interested in doing it for less money, I'm not going to take it.” And you have to do it as casually as that, as friendly as that.

“So, for now I can say, ‘yes,’ but let me get acquainted with the
client and the opportunity."

“Well, listen to the job description!"

“Okay, that's great but we all know that job descriptions aren't completely accurate. So, let's look a little bit above the high end of the range and let's see what I think of it later on,” and that becomes the easiest way you can start establishing your value. Whatever the number is that you're told, always go a little bit above it when they ask if you'd be flexible.

“Yes but I'm not going to be radically flexible.” Unless you choose to be radically flexible, don't get bullied into it. Don't get massaged or manipulate into it. Always make the choice yourself.

I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. If you did and you're watching on YouTube, click the Like button. Do something that lets people know it's worthwhile. Share it. Share the video.

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I also want to mention one on one coaching with me because, as much
information as I put out, and there's a lot that I put out, the reality is that you need to wind up in a situation where someone's dissecting it for you so you can find work more quickly. Hope you have a great
day and take care.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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