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The Card of Knowing

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Perhaps there is no special need in your life right now. Perhaps this card has appeared in order to suggest to you that this is an ideal moment for you to reflect, to contemplate, to meditate, and to give thanks for the blessings in your life. This might be the time for you to find that still-point inside you where the infinite resides. Another possibility is to think of this blind heart as a metaphor for your life just now — a clean canvas upon which you can begin the most creative work of your existence — a tabula rasa, a fresh an opportunity to begin again. Or perhaps this is just a moment for you to invite your mind to become empty, to meditate, and rest for a few moments, temporarily leaving the business of the world behind. Perhaps it is telling you that you know. The card of knowing may be inviting you to turn inward for the answer to your question — to find that still place in your mind and heart to knows what to do. The knowing is within you. What does this card mean for you today?


Spirit@Work is an iPhone app that offers 77 words to inspire their leadership and living. Currently free, downloaded, and, when you do, open the app and then shape your phone. It will deliver a word of the day for you to focus on. My card today is, “The Card of Knowing.”

I’ve spent a good part of my life chasing. I’ve chased money. I’ve chased women. I’ve chased aspirations. I’ve chased the next deal. Now feels different.

I’m older now.

I’m not trying to be “top dog.” I like being a big dog but don’t need to be a top dog.

I started to recognize my time on earth is finite and, as such, I start to pay attention to what I want to do between now and its inevitable conclusion.

A big part of what I’m doing now is work around creating trust. Trust in my family. Trust in other families. Trust in the workplace. Helping people figure out the puzzles of life.

I’m writing more.

I’m continuing to podcast regularly (No BS Job Search Advice Radio is now five days a week instead of seven). I still create content for YouTube almost daily for my channel,

I’m great this stuff but my heart is pointing in a different direction.

I’ve noticed in our culture has very few Elders in it, at least in the United States. Their absence contributes to some of the insanity we are all experiencing in our country today.

I need to spend a little bit more time exploring what to do with the thought of helping older people become elders and how to deliver that message.

So, I would like to practice one of the things I preach — asking for support from you.

Do you have any ideas for how I might explore this?

Leave a comment below or message me your thoughts. I will respond to everyone.

I can use help.

Thanks to you and to The Card of Knowing.

Ⓒ The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC 2021



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