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A pretty card and a fun note put a big smile on my face. What can you do?

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Body Language Mistakes– The Dour Look (VIDEO)

EP 733 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses this disturbing body language mistake too many people make.


Let's talk about 1 of those body language mistakes that by itself is not critical but has an adverse impact. That adverse impact is that even if they make you an offer, you can wind up costing you money. What's that thing that you're doing that might be expensive? What's that thing that you might be doing that could cost to the higher? It is lack of smiling that has an adverse impact.

I'm so the not suggesting that you signature interview with a goofy look on your face and say things like, "Wow! Everything is wonderful!" Nor am I suggesting that the entire interview should be done with a smile. At least in US culture, a person who smiles is seen as being self-confident. Appropriate smiling through out an interview suggests self-confidence. It suggests that you know what you're talking about or it that you're enjoying what the interviewer is saying or that you're enjoying what is going on.

It shouldn't be a pained smile or a big silly smile. You wanted to appear natural with the situation so that if you are listening to someone who is saying something slightly amusing you can have a range of smiles the illustrate your pleasure. Understand that firms don't just want to hire people who are competent to do the job. There are also trying to get a feel for you as a person and how you will fit in.

At least how it is in US centric culture, for most firms and there are obvious exceptions, they are also looking at people who they like personally as well as being competent. That's because firms have choices of competent people, right? So part of the way that you can stand out is with a smile. It is by enjoying yourself. It is by letting people know that you are a likable individual, rather than being perpetually dour.

You know – – looking sad or pained. Think of expressions like that.

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