When I think of “going back,” I think of reviewing some episode or history in life that is painful. It may be a mistake or loss but, fundamentally, it is something I need to revisit because it hurt very badly.

I recently saw an example that on ESPN where they brought a former football player, Rocky Bleier, back to Vietnam to where he had served as a soldier before becoming a football player. The tears he shared reflected the pain he felt from memories of being in that killing field and losing friends. He described it, as so many do, as being pointless.

Professionally, we go back in time to celebrate some of those moments of stupidity that many of us have engaged in. The celebration is often for the fact that we are reliving that memory and how we coped with the insanity of that time.

What, actually, would be more important is not to celebrate the camaraderie of the insane times but to reflect upon the learning that we received and burn it into her memories as a reminder. That reminder should not be cast as though it were in stone. After all, each situation is different and may have similarities.

The learning is where our growth is. Who we trusted and why. What the mistakes were and how the decisions were made to take that action and/or stick with that action when facts clearly showed it was the wrong choice.

Was it a top-down decision or bottom-up decision?

Were the decision-makers too tired to have clear thought?

There are micro-decisions that were made that immediately upon reflection make you understand how the macro decision was made. Like in war, small choices have major consequences.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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