Here’s the situation. I have a noncompete with my current firm. I provided a copy to my new firm. I received and accepted an offer and then resigned from my current position. Now, they want to speak with my current firm and get their permission to hire me. It seems kind of funky to me.

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Here's a fun situation, A person gets an offer-- yay! They give notice. They've got a non compete. They've provided that information to the firm, including a copy of the non compete before the offer was extended. Person accepts. They give notice. They turn off other situations that they're interviewing for. A few days before the person's going to start, suddenly, they say, "we'd like to contact your current employer and get their okay to hire you." You believe that?

I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people professionally in many different ways. And I used to be a recruiter, and I did have a situation like this with a candidate I was representing. Here's how I handled it immediately. And you as a job hunter can do exactly the same thing.

You start by saying, "WillI want you to understand, I provided this in advance, and you got an opportunity to reviewer my offer letter does not indicate any contingencies at this point, I have resigned my job, I have turned off notifications to other firms that I was interviewing with. I'm exposed. So let me ask you a question. What happens if I say no to your request? What can happen if I say yes to your requests? And they say, "No, you can't hire me."

You've made a mistake that can prove very costly, quite obviously. And it has a consequence for me that will make it even more costly for you. So I'm not trying to be difficult. I'm trying to explain the circumstances here that you'll be facing as a result of this. So I'm happy to let you know to contact them. But I want you to understand that if they decide that they're in a bad mood that day and as a result, they're going to say, "no, you can't hire them. We need them" or "we have a non compete with them," even though the non compete doesn't really apply because it's a different industry.

Sometimes firms do goofy things like with someone I've been representing currently, who has handled a situation beautifully, to allow him to extract themselves from a non compete much earlier. So, the question comes down to what's the consequence that you expose yourself to by doing this? And you ask them that saying, "I'm happy to have you contact them. But I want you to understand, if you withdraw this offer, it has a consequence for you. and it will be expensive."

So you do it politely. You don't do this as a as a nutjob. But you just explain, "You've had this opportunity before and now you're going to have the conversation after I'd given notice? After I've turned off all notifications? And you, as counsel (because it's been said that the counsel who's friendly with the other counsel, wants to have this conversation). You know, lawyers make problems. That's what they do. They identify issues. And then you know, the risk for you is enormous.

So just make it clear that you can squeeze them in much the same way as they're now trying to squeeze you.

Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, my website is Go there. Go exploring in the blog. There's a lot there to help you. And if this isn't your time to do that for some reason, very simply, save my my website address in your phone, because there will be a time you may need me.

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